Jung’s Typology of Dictators

DISCLAIMER: The following typology is obviously more archetypical than ‘seriously’ psychometric in any sense. In the book C.G. Jung Speaks (Princeton University Press 1977), Jung offers a taxonomy of “Dictators” or “Tribal Leaders” which he divides as follows: There are two kinds of dictators – the chieftain type and the medicine man type. (p. 93)[…] Continue Reading

Kant and Jung on Sensing and Intuition

As Jung says in the Face-to-Face interview with BBC in 1959, he was studying Kant during the early parts of his career in order to better understand human cognition. As Jung says: “I was studying Kant. I was steeped in it.” Kant believed that sensing and intuition are factors that condition our conscious experience of[…] Continue Reading

Why Frank Ocean is ISFP

The following comment has been put to us regarding Frank Ocean: Ni seems much higher in his stacking than Tert. He doesn’t seem at all like the other popular Fi/Se musicians who are more sultry and seductive and far less cerebral and metaphorical in presentation. Here is our reply: We are quite certain of Ocean’s[…] Continue Reading