Hans Schmid-Guisan’s Schema of E/I Therapist/Patient Relationships

In ‘The Question of Psychological Types‘, Jung’s collaborator Hans Schmid-Guisan offers a basic schema of how the therapist should adapt himself to the patient. Schmid-Guisan provides the basic stances, to which we add our further thoughts.

Patient  is: Therapist should act:
Extroverted, not adapted to outside reality Introverted, to overbid the patient’s turning away from outside reality, forcing the patient to confront the outer world
Extroverted, has not developed introspection Extroverted, to crowd out the patient’s preference for the outer world, to force the patient to reflect inwardly
Introverted, not adapted to outside reality Extroverted, to show the patient “how it’s done;” that outside reality is not so dangerous; therapist is a role model
Introverted, is envious of extroverts Introverted, to harness the patient’s idolizing transference towards the therapist, in order to project to the patient that an introverted stance is desirable

Developed from Hans Schmid-Guisan’s thoughts as published in The Question of Psychological Types. Princeton University Press 2013.