Why Freud is ISTJ, Part 2

Continued from Why Freud is ISTJ, Part 1.
Written by the CT Admins in reply to the comment by AndrahilAdrian here.

We are glad to see some elaboration for the argument that Freud is INTJ. It is clear that AndrahilAdrian has a very strong intuition that Freud is INTJ, and as we said, we used to believe that he was NTJ too. But the more research we did, the less substantiated did we find that claim to be. Anyway, as we said, our assessment is an unconventional one, and well – if our first article on why Freud is ISTJ didn’t convince you, then we probably can’t convince you. We can, however, reply to some of AndrahilAdrian’s arguments.

You ask why we point out that Freud took a data-oriented approach. We simply point out that Freud relied on data because you say in your original comment that he “didn’t use a data-oriented approach.” ...

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