Te, Fi, and Fe as Social Functions

Jesse Gerroir is contributing guest writer for CelebrityTypes. As always with guest writers on the site, Gerroir’s piece represents his own insights and type assessments and not necessarily those of the site. Still, we very much enjoy his work and are pleased to be able to share it with our visitors.

By Jesse Gerroir

Fe is often seen as an annoyance by Te types. Social gestures and the like can be observed and practiced with Te, but Te tends to lack an inherent warmth. As Marie-Louise von Franz said, only with Fe does warmth of Feeling flow towards outer objects and individuals. A Te type could learn to mimic the same gestures that tend to come more naturally to Fe, but to the man with any depth of Feeling, the gestures are not going to come across in the same way. Simply put, they will never have the warmth that Fe users so naturally have, and this can be a major hindrance at times. Even Fe users who don’t have good intentions can still come across with warmth and be well-liked. ...

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