Why Extroverts Identify as Introverts

By Eva Gregersen

“It is chiefly extraverts who resent being called extraverts, as if it were a derogatory designation. I even know of a case where a famous extravert, having been called an extravert, challenged his opponent to a duel!” – C.G. Jung in a personal letter to R.L. Kroon

While it is a fairly common phenomenon that people who are extroverted consider themselves to be introverted, the opposite phenomenon of introverts claiming to be extroverted is less common. Indeed, in our own work of observing famous people in order to determine their types we have run upon several famous extroverts who mistakenly identify themselves as introverts, but hardly a single famous introvert who identifies himself as an extrovert. In this article we will explore why extroverts tend to mistake themselves for introverts. ...

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