Why Plato is INFJ

“No one before Plato [nor anyone] since has managed the extremely difficult art of dramatic debate on philosophic topics with such … fascinating art, aided by the union of dialectical subtlety with mystical yearnings, a subtlety which seems to give a hope to mysticism, and a warrant to transcendentalism.” – G.H. Lewes: Aristotle, Smith, Elder & Co. 1864 ed. p. 19

By Ryan Smith

This article proposes to discuss why Plato is INFJ. There are many lines of argument that one could pursue in an attempted demonstration of Plato’s type and not all of them will be covered here. More precisely, this article will focus on why Plato had dominant Ni and inferior Se, as well as why he had a preference for Ti over Te. That means that this article will lack any direct discussion of why Plato had Fe and not Fi (though such a discussion is certainly possible and will be forthcoming in a future article). ...

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