INTP and Kant’s Dialectics of Restraint

By Ryan Smith

“[I] will assure to reason its lawful claims, and dismiss all groundless pretensions, not by despotic decrees, but in accordance with its own eternal and unalterable laws. This tribunal is no other than the critique of pure reason. … [I will critique] the faculty of reason in general … its extent, and its limits – all in accordance with principles.” – Kant: Critique of Pure Reason, Preface to the First Edition

Immanuel Kant instituted a revolution in philosophy, which moved the object of inquiry away from outer objects in themselves and on to the thought-forms that human beings invariably impose upon such objects. According to Kant, time and space, cause and effect, quality and quantity, and all such things are thought-forms that are present in the mind, rather than in the objects themselves. ...

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