Rawls on How to Treat Others

Stefan Kirchner is an Associate Professor of Human Rights at the University of Lapland in Finland and a contributing guest writer for CelebrityTypes. In this article, Kircher elaborates on how John Rawls, one of the most renowned philosophers of the 20th century, thought that we should treat others. As always with guest writers on the site, Kirchner‘s piece represents his own insights and not necessarily those of the site.

By Stefan Kirchner, Ph.D.

Questions of justice and fairness constitute an important part of philosophical thought and have done so for thousands of years. Among the key challenges is the question of how we are to treat others. If we assume that all of us are interested in living in a world whose doings are marked by justice and fairness, then we have to ask ourselves not merely what we can expect of others, but what our own obligations to others must be as well. ...

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