The Hidden Significance of Fi

Boye Akinwande is a contributing guest writer for CelebrityTypes. In this article, Akinwande explores the hidden merits and significance of Fi in an apologia for a function that has often been short-changed.

By Boye Akinwande

To many, the Introverted Feeling (Fi) function seems to be the hardest to understand because the values and sentiments that lie at the core of an Fi type’s consciousness are not wont to give themselves to outward expression in the same way as Fe or Te.[1] Even Ti will often be found to have greater outward applicability than Fi, since Ti can at least point to the self-authentication of its internal logic.[2] At times, an unpleasant question comes knocking: Does Fi even do anything? What merits and significance can it offer us, apart from the creation of art and subjectivized dream worlds? ...

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