Philosophical Archetypes: Pythagoras (ENFJ)

“[With Pythagoras] everything derives from a wisdom equally and undividedly committed to the sacred and the worldly, the rational and the religious – it is the wisdom of one whose knowledge ‘transcends’ that of the common man.” – Walter Burkert: Weisheit und Wissenschaft (Verlag Hans Carl 1962) p. 173

“[Pythagoras’] motive in acquiring power … was not personal ambition but a zeal for reforming society according to his own moral ideas.” – W.K.C. Guthrie: A History of Greek Philosophy vol. I (Cambridge University Press 1992) p. 175

“[Pythagoras had an] overpowering feeling of sympathetic stirring that bound [men] to him.” – Friedrich Nietzsche: The Pre-Platonic Philosophers (University of Illinois Press 2006) p. 55 ...

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