Determining Function Axes, Part 5

Boye Akinwande is a contributing guest writer for CelebrityTypes and Ryan Smith is one of the admins of CelebrityTypes. In this article, Akinwande and Smith elaborate on the duality of type-triads, both across, as well as along, the function axes.

By Boye Akinwande and Ryan Smith

In this article we are going to elaborate on the idea of commonalities and divergence between the types who share both their function axes, as explored with Smith in the previous installment of this series. Besides the framework posited by Gregersen and Smith (Determining Function Axes, 2012), we are also going to be drawing upon Oliver Bryant’s idea of the functions’ affinity with Bayesian and Frequentist modes of reasoning, which he coined in 2011, but which has to our knowledge not been described in public until this piece was published on CelebrityTypes earlier in 2015. ...

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