The Archetypes of Judgment

Lee Morgan is a contributing guest writer for CelebrityTypes. As always with guest writers on the site, Lee’s piece represents his own insights and type assessments and not necessarily those of the site.

 By Lee Morgan

When Nietzsche declared the death of God, what sort of statement was he making? What evidence did he have, and who was his muse? While we’re at it, how could Hume think the self is nothing but a bundle of perceptions? Wouldn’t everyone agree that they have a self, and that that self is real? Kierkegaard wrote lengthy discourses that make philosophers of language roll their eyes. And Wittgenstein believed his corpus contained earth-shattering insights. Was he wrong? How would we even determine that? Martin Luther King Jr. captivated the world with his cry for compassion. But was his dream just that – a dream? After all, studies in contemporary race relations turn many idealists cynical. So do those studies invalidate his speeches? Is it even possible to invalidate them? ...

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