Parmenides Fragment 5

By Ryan Smith

5.1 It is the same to me,
5.2 From where I begin, for to there I shall come back again.

This fragment expands upon the meaning of fragments 2, 3, and 4. The assertion is that since the One is continuous and devoid of all partitions (8.4-6), there is no optimal “point” from which to start when setting out to describe it. Because there is no “other,” anything that is analyzed, cognized, or discoursed about is the One, i.e. a single undifferentiated stretch of being, synonymous with the entirety of the cosmos (4.2). Since there are no spatial partitions or dualisms, there cannot be any “points” when reality is viewed in accordance with the Way of Truth. Consequently, all “points” are equally suitable when setting out to describe the reality of transcendental being since ultimately all are equally false. ...

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