Kendall Jenner Personality Analysis (Big Five)

Low Extroversion: Kendall is more receptive than she is outgoing. In social situations, she is somewhat reserved and more inclined to listen than to talk. Kendall does not seek to take center stage and impose herself on the situation. While graceful, she is sometimes overwhelmed when pressured to engage too quickly and too much, such as when interviewers expect too much of her all at once. Not without good reason has she been called “the most private of the Kardashian-Jenner siblings” and “the shyest of them all.”

High Agreeableness: Kendall is sympathetic and considerate, and goes to great lengths to please those around her. Her modesty and compassion means that she will almost always prefer to meet others with cooperation rather than competition. When faced with scorn or derision (indeed, even social media hate), she is inclined to back down and to de-escalate rather than escalate. She has a high degree of willingness to help others and is generally inclined to set her own needs aside, with the aim of avoiding conflict.

Above Average Conscientiousness: Though Kendallislaid back and disposed to apprehend things flexibly, she is also ambitious and dutiful, honoring her appointments and taking a long-term approach to planning her career. “I want [my career] to last for a long time.… I want it to last until I am [Cindy Crawford’s] age,” she has said of her approach. It is through this attitude that, according to the New Yorker, Kendall has managed to turn an “Instagirl-of-the-moment” splash of fame into a consistent presence in the spotlight – on “Keeping Up…”, on magazine covers, and on the international runways.

Average Openness: Kendall displays an appetite for new and unconventional impressions, particularly with regard to aesthetics. She spends much of her time engrossed in experiences she finds beautiful and pursues her own art in the form of photography. These aspects of her personality tilt toward above-average openness but, on the other hand, Kendall is not an intellectual; though she is inclined to daydream, she is nevertheless also grounded and anchored in concrete impressions and experiences, as opposed to concepts or ideas. Her openness is therefore in the average range.

High Neuroticism: Kendall struggles with anxiety and vulnerability, is easily embarrassed, and can quickly be made to feel uneasy or awkward around others. Having had to battle acne, sleep paralysis, and anxiety, it would be fair to say that she has a delicate sense of self. At times, her anxiety has been so overpowering that she has been unable to embark on the transatlantic flights required for her job without the support of her family.

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