Khloé Kardashian Personality Analysis (Big Five)

High Extroversion: Khloé is energetic, sociable, and talkative, with high levels of outer-directed activity. She is gregarious and warm in most social situations and quick to contribute new insights or topics to any conversation. Khloé is also quite witty and sassy – good with banter and good at giving as good as she gets – with a well-developed aptitude for good-natured teasing, irony, and jokes.

Below Average Openness: While Khloé is tolerant of others and receptive to their values and viewpoints, she is nevertheless grounded and evinces a preference for familiar frameworks and settings. She thrives in her accustomed environment and is not someone who goes out of her way to pursue things that are unduly theoretical, intellectual, or weird.

High Conscientiousness: Khloé is tidy and well-organized, sometimes to the point where people joke that her home is almost OCD-like; any stain on her walls is wiped off immediately and food is stored with almost clinical meticulousness and cleanliness. Khloé is also extremely dependable and dutiful with regard to her agreements and appointments. For example, on the very day after the news broke of Tristan’s cheating on her, she still kept her appointments and participated in fan events that were expected of her.

High Agreeableness: Khloé is friendly, sympathetic, and helpful. Being considerate comes naturally to her, and she is good at sensing the moods of others and engaging them in conversation about the things that trouble them. In almost any situation, Khloé is willing to compromise and to moderate her own needs in order to make the other person feel at ease and comfortable around her. She strives to cooperate and cares about how the other person is feeling.

Low Neuroticism: Khloé is resistant to setbacks and shows great resilience in the face of adversity. Even when going through a rough patch, Khloé is usually able to keep her chin up and power through the challenges without falling prey to anxiety or depression.

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