Kim Kardashian Personality Analysis (Big Five)

Average Extroversion: Kim showcases balanced extroversion, though with a slight tilt towards the introverted side of the spectrum. She is at ease in most social situations and communicates wholesomely with friends as well as with strangers. Her social stance is marked by a bit of reserve at times, however, as she prefers to hang back and let others do most of the talking.

High Agreeableness: Kim will always prefer to meet others with sympathy and consideration, and she goes to great lengths to communicate respectfully and avoid giving offense. When working with others, she gracefully tends towards cooperation and compromise over competition and conflict. She is pro-social and willing to work towards constructive solutions that everyone can get behind.

High Conscientiousness: Kim is orderly and dutiful. She rarely deviates from any of her agreements, and it is evident that she dislikes situations where she has to alter or cancel her plans. She is disciplined and prudent as she plans ahead to make sure that her goals are well-structured and that her home is neat and organized. When a task is to be done, Kim is willing to go to great lengths to make sure that the best result is achieved.

Average Openness: While in practical matters, Kim has a preference for the tried and true, she also has a strong interest in unusual aesthetics and foreign cultures. When she composes her outfits, her interest in aesthetics shines through in the way she tends to every detail so as to secure a coordinated aesthetic presentation. Her fascination with foreign cultures can be seen from the evident stimulus she derives from her travels and from her savoring of the impressions they confer on her imagination. On the other hand, Kim is supremely practical; she is not an intellectual and not inclined to excessive daydreaming. Her overall Openness is therefore in the average range.

Average Neuroticism: While Kim can fall prey to sadness and worry at times, she is also quite resilient and tends toward emotional stability and a stable sense of self. She is good at handling stress and unforeseen setbacks, as seen when she was flour-bombed on the red carpet but quickly managed to regain her composure and was able to meet and greet her fans again.

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