Kourtney Kardashian Personality Analysis (Big Five)

Below Average Extroversion: While Kourtney is perfectly capable of being sociable and talkative, her extroversion nevertheless tilts towards the introverted side. She needs time alone to process her own perspectives before engaging fully with others. She is a slower “information digester” than someone like Khloé or Kris, and can come across as reserved while subdued in her own mental processes. At the end of the day, though, Kourtney is nevertheless quite assertive, and not afraid to stand up for her own needs if she thinks she is being treated unfairly.

Low Agreeableness: Kourtney frequently sets boundaries that she prioritizes highly and refuses to back down on. When the Kardashian-Jenner family is making joint plans, Kourtney will often refuse to budge on her own agenda, which has frequently led to conflicts with Kim and Khloé. Kourtney is also somewhat mistrustful and can frequently be made to feel as if others are “putting one over on her,” if they try to get her to compromise on her own plans.

Low Conscientiousness: Ironically, while Kourtney will often refuse to compromise on her plans, she is nevertheless not very structured or persevering. While she throws herself at various tasks and projects, she also switches back and forth between them, even frequently abandoning them before completion, in accordance with what makes the most sense to her in the moment. Unlike most of her siblings, Kourtney can easily be made to feel that rules and long-term planning are overly confining and, when boxed into such commitments for long periods of time, she will start feeling the need to break free of them.

Low Openness: Kourtney primarily processes the world by enmeshing herself in her own concrete experience of it. She does not abstract away from everyday reality through elaborate mental imagery; she is not inquisitive with regard to foreign or unfamiliar impressions and is not an intellectual. Overall, Kourtney evinces a strong preference for the familiar, and would rather know the details of her own world in depth before going out of her way to pursue things that are unduly theoretical, intellectual, or weird.

Above Average Neuroticism: Kourtney is resilient and stronger than most on parameters such as anxiety and depression. She has proven her ability to power through adversity as a single mother. Her resilience thus detracts from her overall neuroticism score. On the other hand, Kourtney frequently gets into arguments with others and is prone to feeling slighted and will react with resentment when others challenge her. Though she covers it up with a snide and disparaging attitude, her vulnerability is genuine and, on the inside, Kourtney can often be made to feel overwhelmed by powerlessness and uncertainty.

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