Kris Jenner Personality Analysis (Big Five)

High Extroversion: Kris is assertive and entrepreneurial. She has a broad outlook on life, and a high level of outer-directed activity. Though she can be quite sensitive, she also has a high level of drive and ambition and finds it natural to speak up, assert herself, and influence the agendas of the people around her. Kris’ high level of extroversion is matched only by Khloé, but unlike Khloé, Kris is tilted more toward the industrious-assertive side of extroversion than the friendly-gregarious one.

Below Average Agreeableness: Kris is well-mannered and sensitive to the feelings of others. In social situations, she knows how to make a favorable impression and is attentive to how she comes across. Nevertheless, Kris does not have high agreeableness, as she is quite driven and determined in pursuing the goals she has determined for herself and others. A well-known boss lady, Kris is not yielding, not submissive, and does not find it daunting to assume a leadership responsibility. Accordingly, many of her former employees have found her a stern but fair employer.

High Conscientiousness: Kris is industrious, entrepreneurial, and marked by a high degree of achievement-striving. She is goal-oriented and purposeful; she has high aspirations for herself and others and is willing to make sacrifices in the pursuit of success. Once Kris has locked in on a goal, she is willing to work toward it with an unyielding dedication until the mission has been accomplished. It has often been remarked, not least by the New York Times, that the Kardashian-Jenners might not have been anywhere near where they are today if not for Kris Jenner – the “mom-ager” who masterminded all of their careers.

High Openness:  Kris’ interests in interior decorating, art, and photography bear witness to her aesthetic interest, and therefore to a level of openness score that is above average. But her highest openness marker can really be seen in her ability to set impressive and grandiose – almost utopian – goals for herself and her family.  It is her high score on the openness facets of fantasy and imagination, coupled with her high conscientiousness, which has allowed her to dream large and to transform her own lot, as well as that of her family, from an unremarkable starting point into what it is today.

Low Neuroticism: Kris is strong in the face of adversity and tends toward composed emotionality and a stable sense of self. Even when her relationship to her ex-husband Bruce fell apart, she was nevertheless able to keep her chin up and power through it without succumbing to anxiety or depression. In line with her strong character, Kris is capable of feeling anger and irritation (especially when faced with some of Scott’s antics), but she is also perfectly capable of controlling and moderating these impulses – channeling them into socially appropriate stances.

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