Kylie Jenner Personality Analysis (Big Five)

Below Average Extroversion: While Kylie enjoys spending time with family and friends, her extroversion is nevertheless slanted towards the introverted side. This can be seen, for example, in the way she tends to withdraw from large groups and prefers to engage with people one on one. Her tendency to pick out just one friend and then invest greatly in the intimacy with that person (e.g., first Jordyn and then Stassi) can also be seen as an introvert’s disposition to connect more deeply with a selected few, as opposed to the extroverted style of having a looser form of connection with a broader range of people.

High Agreeableness: Kylie has a compassionate and considerate temperament. Though she is a business owner and employer, she leads through sympathy rather than strictness and seeks cooperation over competition. She strives to make people happy and is willing to compromise to avoid ill feelings and conflict. She is a team player who finds it natural to build others up and share credit.

High Conscientiousness: Kylie is orderly and dutiful. When she sets a goal for herself (such as a timetable for her business), she works hard and exerts herself in order to get the job done within the given deadline. She is willing to make sacrifices in the pursuit of success and works in a systematic and disciplined manner to get to where she wants to be in life.

Below Average Openness: Kylie showcases openness to aesthetics in the form of marked interest and attention to detail with regards to clothing, interior decorating, and the design of her make-up line. On the other hand, her aesthetic interest tends more toward the familiar than is the case for someone like Kim, who also cherishes the unusual aesthetic inspirations she gets from foreign cultures. Overall, Kylie would rather familiarize herself with intricacies of what is already known to her in depth than to strike out in the pursuit of what is unfamiliar and weird.

Average Neuroticism: While Kylie has said that she struggles with vulnerability and anxiety, for the most part she tends toward a stable sense of self. She has a high threshold for when her negative emotional reactions are triggered, as seen, for example, when she was initially shamed for her lip injections. She  nevertheless managed to turn public antagonism against her into a source of strength, by starting her own cosmetics line focused exclusively on lip kits. Rather than backing down, she rose above the ridicule and went for what she wanted.

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