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Better Call Saul Test

Which Better Call Saul character are you?

The dark world of Better Call Saul brings together the crooked lawyers, ruthless businessmen, and psychotic mob bosses that make up the dark underworld of the New Mexico drug trafficking system. This test will determine whether you have anything in common with the characters from the show.

Which Better Call Saul character are you? For each of the following questions, indicate how well it resonates with you below.

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I like to think of myself as an example to others.



The IDRLabs Better Call Saul Test is inspired by psychometric methodology and based on research into the characters in Better Call Saul.

The test provides feedback such as the following:

Jimmy McGill: The charismatic, corrupt lawyer Saul Goodman is the smooth-talking, charming, morally bankrupt protagonist of the show. Raised in challenging circumstances, Jimmy's journey from a public defender to the morally flexible lawyer Saul Goodman is marked by a constant internal struggle between his genuine desire to do good and the pragmatic realities of the legal profession. From a young age, when he worked at his parents’ humble corner store, his natural charisma and quick wit ensured he lit up a room, endearing him to others despite his morally dubious actions. His alias, "Saul Goodman", is a play on the phrase "it's all good, man" – a calculated move to make the criminals he represents believe he can make their problems go away. Beneath his confident exterior, Jimmy grapples with profound insecurities rooted in his brother’s success at his legal firm, which brings a deep longing for validation which shapes many of the decisions he makes. Jimmy’s magnetic personality, street-wise dealings with members of Albuquerque's criminal underworld, and introspective nature make him one of TV’s most beloved characters.

Kim Wexler: The tenacious and determined attorney with a strong work ethic and a sharp legal mind is Jimmy McGill’s foil and love interest in the show. Despite calling out the immorality of Jimmy’s actions frequently, she gives subtle clues throughout the series that she in fact loves participating in his dangerous schemes. Kim is loyal to Jimmy for the kindness he shows her, and repays him in turn by backing him in disputes with other lawyers at the firm. She is initially presented as one of the legal profession’s brightest lights – her unwavering commitment to her profession is evident in her tireless efforts and willingness to take on challenging cases. Over the course of the series, Kim’s alliance with Jimmy’s dealings in the criminal underworld causes her deep guilt – leading to internal conflict over whether she should continue her corrupt life or return to the honest, hard worker she once was. In Kim’s battle with her own moral compass, she becomes a surrogate for the viewing audience, that allows us to appraise Jimmy’s actions and ask ourselves how we would act in her situation. This window into the lives of the characters makes her a central and fascinating character on the show.

Mike Ehrmantraut: The eerily calm and stoic former police officer turned fixer for the cartel from Breaking Bad, gives us a peek behind the curtain at his real character as he takes on a more central role in Better Call Saul. Known for his calm demeanor and meticulous approach to his work, Mike operates in the criminal underworld with a sense of professionalism and discipline. His coldly detached way of going about his job allows him to treat his work entirely pragmatically, preventing him from confronting the obvious brutality and immorality of his actions. His loyalty, particularly to Gus Fring, is unwavering, as they have mutually identified each other as clever, calculated players in the violent game of power the series explores. Despite his tough exterior, Mike has a softer side, which is especially evident in his interactions with his family and particularly with his granddaughter Kaylee. He justifies his work to himself by internalizing that everything he does is so that his family can be safe. At one point, he tells Jimmy, “I do what I do so they can have a better life, and if I live or if I die, it really doesn't make a difference to me as long as they have what they need.” This gallant, selfless attitude epitomizes the complexity and contradictions at the heart of Mike’s character, showing why he is one of the show’s fan favorites.

Ignacio "Nacho" Varga: Ignacio "Nacho" Varga, is a pragmatic and resourceful newcomer to the world of drug trafficking who becomes unwittingly and inescapably entrenched in the dangerous world of the Salamanca cartel. Nacho’s calm, calculated demeanor allows him to execute daring and dangerous plots that others would be too fearful to attempt. He is driven by a desire for autonomy and a responsibility to protect his family. As he tells Don Eladio, “What do I want? Respect. I want to make my own decisions, go my own way.” Yet as the series goes on, he grows more and more unhappy with the cartel's ruthlessness as both the lives of himself and his father are put in danger. Nacho has the clearest sense of morality amongst all the characters involved in the cartel and often fights against the overly cruel methods used by the Salamanca family. His strong instincts for survival help him avoid danger and encourage key people in the cartel to stop trusting dangerous members of the Salamanca family. His humanizing portrayal of life in the cartel makes him an engaging and integral part of the show.

Gustavo Fring: The cold-blooded, Machiavellian drug lord on a lifelong mission to take down the cartel may be seen as a stark contrast to the hot-headed, expressive Salamanca family, but he is no less ruthless. Known for his calm, collected demeanor and meticulous attention to detail, Gus operates with a facade of respectability as a successful businessman and philanthropist while maintaining a secret life as a ruthless drug lord. His extreme discipline and strategic thinking underpin an unwavering commitment to his power-hungry quest to overthrow the cartel and seize control of the drug world. Fring is highly intelligent, calculating, and maintains careful control over his emotions, often using them as tools to manipulate others. His ability to compartmentalize his personal and criminal lives showcases a psychopathic level of emotional self-control in the face of danger. Despite his cool, business-like persona, his loyalty to those dedicated to him is striking - demonstrating the presence of a hidden emotional side that he almost never allows to come out. Gus’s hauntingly calm method of seeking bloody vengeance makes him an iconic villain in the world of Better Call Saul.

Charles “Chuck” McGill: Charles “Chuck” McGill, older brother of protagonist Jimmy, is a highly respected lawyer whose deep-seated jealousy of his brother cannot be quelled despite his own success. Chuck is a high-flying, well-respected lawyer and co-founder of the prestigious law firm Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill. Known for his brilliant legal mind, Chuck's character is defined by a strained relationship with Jimmy. Chuck feels a complex mix of resentment, familial duty, and concern for Jimmy's ethical conduct, but this often comes out in the form of condescending, demeaning lectures rather than loving brotherly advice. Whilst Chuck’s morality is initially presented in contrast to Jimmy’s immorality, his moral failings become more apparent throughout the show as it becomes clear that he is more concerned with the veneer of being good than actually doing the right thing. This inability to identify the true cause of his problems is represented by his unique condition, electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), which prevents him from being around any electrical appliances. The validity of the condition itself is under dispute but the fallout is that he grows increasingly isolated, impacting his personal and professional life. Chuck’s caring yet antagonistic relationship with Jimmy demonstrates the McGills’ complex family dynamics which form a compelling aspect of the show.

Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca: The charismatic and unpredictable heir to the throne of the Salamanca family, is an unconventional, yet terrifying villain. As a member of the Salamanca drug cartel, Lalo's affable and playful demeanor masks his capability to commit ruthless, violent crimes. In complete contrast to the other Salamancas, Lalo is charismatic, clever, manipulative, and, at times, seemingly polite and friendly. Despite this, he is the only member of the Salamanca family who demonstrates the cunning to out-maneuver the other characters vying for power. Lalo is fiercely loyal to his family and the cartel, living by the motto "La familia es todo" (Family is all) and dutifully caring for his uncle Hector after his stroke. He is wary to the point of paranoia, as shown by the fact that he keeps a secret body double to protect himself in case of assassination attempts. His ability to bring humor and levity even during dangerous situations displays his own extreme confidence in his own abilities – a confidence we find out he has earned from a time when he killed 5 heavily armed assassins with a single pistol. Lalo’s late introduction to the show provides a more than worthy adversary from the cartel for Gus, Nacho, and the other characters to defeat, confirming his place as a key villain in the world of Better Call Saul.

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