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Cat/Dog, Coffee/Tea Test

Some people like cats, while others prefer dogs. Some must have their coffee, while others choose tea. But some coffee drinkers prefer cats while others like dogs, and some tea drinkers love their dogs while others adore their cats. This leaves us with four kinds of people: cat and coffee, cat and tea, dog and coffee, and dog and tea people. Which one are you?

Based on peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals, this test will attempt to predict what kind of person you are. To take the test, indicate how well each of the following statements applies to you below.

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I am more of a morning person than a night owl.



The Cat/Dog, Coffee/Tea Test was developed by IDRlabs based on peer-reviewed research in scientific journals.

In folk wisdom, it is said that:

Cat People

  • "Dogs have owners; cats have staff."
  • "I love cats because I enjoy my me-time."
  • "Cats are independent and self-sufficient, just like me."
  • "I love the way cats curl up in my lap and purr."
  • "Cats are mysterious and aloof, but I love that about them."

Dog People

  • "A dog is a man's best friend."
  • "Dogs are loyal and loving companions."
  • "I love the way dogs greet me at the door with a wagging tail."
  • "Dogs are always up for a walk or a game of fetch."
  • "Dogs make me feel safe and loved."

These sayings suggest that cat people are more likely to be independent, introverted, and creative, while dog people are more likely to be extroverted, social, and loyal.

Here is a humorous folk saying that sums up the personality differences between cat people and dog people:

  • Cat people are like cats: independent, aloof, and mysterious. Dog people are like dogs: loyal, loving, and always up for a good time.

For coffee and tea, it is said that:

Coffee Drinkers

  • "Coffee is the fuel that gets me going in the morning."
  • "I love the strong, bold flavor of coffee."
  • "Coffee helps me focus and be more productive."
  • "I can't start my day without a cup of coffee."
  • "Coffee is a social beverage. I love meeting up with friends for coffee."

Tea Drinkers

  • "Tea is a soothing and relaxing beverage."
  • "I love the delicate flavors and aromas of tea."
  • "Tea helps me de-stress and unwind."
  • "I enjoy taking my time to savor a cup of tea."
  • "Tea is a ritual for me. It's a way to slow down and appreciate the moment."

These sayings suggest that coffee drinkers are more likely to be energetic, focused, and social, while tea drinkers are more likely to be calm, relaxed, and contemplative.

Here is a humorous folk saying that sums up the personality differences between coffee drinkers and tea drinkers:

  • Coffee drinkers are like coffee: strong, bold, and fast-paced. Tea drinkers are like tea: delicate, nuanced, and slow-paced.

Of course, these are just generalizations, and there are many exceptions, but the patterns are backed by modern research.

Personality is a complex concept, and there is no single personality type that is associated with either dogs or cats. However, there are some general personality differences that may manifest in a preference for one type of pet over the other.

For example, people who are more extroverted and social may be more likely to prefer dogs. Dogs are social creatures that thrive on human interaction. They require regular walks and play sessions, and they love to cuddle and spend time with their owners. Extroverted people may enjoy the companionship of a dog and the opportunity to socialize with other dog owners.

On the other hand, people who are more introverted and independent may be more likely to prefer cats. Cats are more self-sufficient than dogs and can be content to spend time alone. They do not require as much attention as dogs, and they are often happy to simply curl up in a lap and purr. Introverted people may appreciate the low-maintenance nature of cats and the fact that they can provide companionship without being too demanding.

Another personality trait that may influence pet preferences is conscientiousness. Conscientious people are typically organized, responsible, and efficient. They may be more likely to prefer dogs, which require regular feeding, walking, and grooming. Conscientious people may also appreciate the fact that dogs can be trained to perform tasks and commands.

People who are more open-minded and creative may be more likely to prefer cats. Cats are independent and unpredictable, and they can be a source of amusement and curiosity. Open-minded people may enjoy the challenge of understanding and caring for a cat. They may also appreciate the unique personality and quirks of each individual cat.

While this test is based on peer-reviewed research, it cannot be used to provide clinical assessments or an accurate evaluation of your personality. Clinical assessments should always be done in cooperation with a mental health professional. For more information about any of our online tests and quizzes, please consult our Terms of Service.

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