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Your friend is 88% Khorne, 100% Tzeentch, 75% Nurgle, 58% Slaanesh.

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Explanation of Powers:

Khorne is the power of fighting, war, and destruction. It is he who is behind the most basic and brutal of instincts such as hate, anger, rage, and killing. Every act of destruction in the material universe feeds Khorne more power; the more senseless and destructive, the better. Khorne is wrath incarnate, the embodiment of a never-ending lust to dominate and destroy. It is his sole desire to drown the universe in a tide of slaughter; to conquer and kill every living thing until there is nothing left but blood and carnage. However, though Khorne is the power of destruction, he is also associated with pride, bravery, and honor. Those who set themselves against the most dangerous challenges and earn victory against the odds will also be favored by Khorne.

Tzeentch is the power of change, evolution, intrigue, and magic. It is he who weaves the threads that connect every action, plot, and subtle intrigue in a universe-wide game of manipulation. At the end of each of his threads is the bewildered consciousness of one of his puppets. Tzeentch thrives on turmoil and change. In many ways, he is the best exemplar of Chaos and the least understood of the four Chaos powers. He is the power of fate, plots, and schemes, as well as the principle that exemplifies the ever-constant nature of change. He is continually scheming and altering, even as his intrigues unravel under their own complexity. At the same time, he is the power of knowledge and comprehension, and his devotees may also be those who seek a deeper understanding of an often enigmatic universe.

Nurgle is the power of disease, decay, death, and destruction. The emotion of despair in mortals is what empowers him. He is the Chaos power most directly responsible for the plights of mortals, whose frailty and limited lifespans make them suffer so acutely from the fear of death. However, while Nurgle is the power of death and decay, he is also the force of rebirth. Decay is simply one part of the cycle of life, without which no new life could grow. In the same way, Nurgle is also the power of perseverance and survival. While those who wish to spread corruption are certainly among Nurgle’s followers, there are also those who wish to become resilient enough to handle the harsh difficulties of existence presented by an uncaring universe.

Slaanesh is the power of pleasure, passion, decadence, and lust. Self-indulgence and the striving for pleasure are the hallmarks of all who follow him. Slaanesh is also the power of those who are dedicated to the pursuit of worldly gratification and the upheaval of conventional behavior. He is the power of obsession, of excess in all pursuits. Wherever mortals are ruled by their own unquenchable desires, from gluttony to lust to megalomania, Slaanesh is there in the shadows, whispering and tempting them further. Those who desire to indulge in the finest culinary delights, the most beautiful artworks, and the most sensual clothing, could all be the thralls of Slaanesh. Finally, he is also the power of perfection. The singer striving to hone his voice or the writer obsessively polishing his prose could also fall prey to his enticements.