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Curb Your Enthusiasm Test

Which Curb Your Enthusiasm character are you?

The whacky world of The Curb Your Enthusiasm tells the story of four hilariously nerdy scientists trying to fit in with people who don’t know the formula to Einstein’s theory of relativity. This test will determine whether you have anything in common with the characters from the show.

Which Curb Your Enthusiasm character are you? For each of the following questions, indicate how well it resonates with you below.

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I don’t believe in monogamy.



The IDRLabs Curb Your Enthusiasm Test is inspired by psychometric methodology and based on research into the characters in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The test provides feedback such as the following:

Larry David, playing a fictionalized caricature of his own neurotic self, is the curmudgeonly protagonist and creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry cannot move through his life without constantly getting into conflicts with both friends and strangers over the minutest details of everyday customs. Eschewing traditional politeness and manners, Larry is constantly attempting to get out of social situations where he is required to adhere to what he perceives as pointless rules. His rigid refusal to engage in small talk might imply that he doesn’t like to engage with people, yet most of his arguments start with him starting conversations with strangers to point out logical contradictions in their behavior. His hilarious takes on the world are muddled, giving him an incohesive set of principles by which to live. He is completely loyal to his close friends and wife, even though the fallout from his awkward social interactions often drags them into his disputes. Undeniably honest, though often to a fault, Larry is ultimately self-centered and is happy to lie to get out of doing things he doesn’t want to do. His unique comic style and hilarious perspective on the world have cemented him as a famous and much-loved comedic anti-hero.

Jeff Greene, Larry’s devoted friend and agent, is a willing partner in crime for Larry’s hare-brained schemes. A successful agent to a bevy of stars, Jeff uses his jovial demeanor to help build relationships between difficult personalities to ensure everyone gets along. Being instinctively laid back and generally content with his life, Jeff meets his match in the form of Suzi - his headstrong, dominant wife. Jeff is in a constant battle to keep his wife happy and stop her from finding out about his whacky adventures with Larry and his frequent extramarital affairs. Jeff’s loyalty to Larry often leads him into awkward, professionally damaging situations, but such is the strength of their friendship that he is often able to see the funny side of the situation and forgive Larry. Jeff also clearly enjoys the luxury his successful career affords him, reveling in the delights of fine dining, drinking, and womanizing. His constant infidelity gives off a certain amorality that is rarely explored in the show, but his charming, affable demeanor makes him a likable and hilarious presence on the show.

Suzi Greene, Larry’s no-nonsense, outspoken antagonist, is the loud-mouthed, garishly dressed, frequently furious wife of his best friend, Jeff Greene. Suzi is always the first to call out Larry for being wrong, often with a flurry of well-chosen expletives, asserting her view of how things should be over both Jeff and Larry with a formidable fury. Despite dominating Jeff in many aspects of their marriage, she is fiercely protective of him whenever he is insulted or in trouble, demonstrating a deep love for him. Suzi is known to hold on to grudges for small indiscretions, demonstrating a certain vindictive joy in taking revenge on those who have wronged her. Like Jeff, she enjoys the finer things in life, most notably fashion, which is a fertile source of comedy in the show as she continues to wear increasingly outrageous, loud, and downright strange outfits as the show goes on. Suzi’s hysterically funny tirades at Larry are a core part of this classic comedy show, earning her cult status as a character among comedy fans.

Leon Black, the uber-confident, womanizing foil to Larry’s neurotic, awkward persona, is an unlikely housemate and eventually a trusted friend to Larry. Unlike Larry, whose forthright nature gets him in trouble, Leon is street-smart and more than capable of offering unconventional, instinctive advice to solve Larry’s problems. Leon’s natural charisma and charm win over almost everyone he meets, allowing him to take liberties and fulfill his self-centered desires. This is most evident when his family, who had been taken in by Larry after their home was destroyed by a hurricane, leaves Larry’s house, only for Leon to boldly stay behind and continue living there rent-free. Leon shares Larry’s bluntness, and they develop a loyal friendship based on mutual respect for the way they think about the world. Leon is also a self-proclaimed ladies’ man who spends most of his time seducing women, often leading to hilarious predicaments on the show. Leon’s distinctive, largely improvised comic presence adds a fresh element to the show, earning his character status as a fan favorite.

Cheryl David, the long-suffering, practically perfect wife of Larry in the show, is constantly playing the role of mediator in the various uncomfortable social situations Larry forces her into. Instinctively patient and generous, Larry pushes her good nature to the limit throughout the series, but Cheryl is always up to the task, often coming out of the situations gracefully and without ignominy. Cheryl is naturally independent and therefore able to assert herself in arguments, despite Larry’s particular and sometimes domineering way of thinking. Cheryl is also keen to ensure that she and Larry maintain a public veneer of respectability, something that Larry frequently ruins with his antics. This desire to appear respectable comes out as a desire to ensure their house is presentable and stylish, something Larry does not seem to care about. She dedicates much of her time to charity and helping others, coming across as kind and generous in contrast to Larry’s cranky persona. Cheryl is not one of the show’s more bombastic characters, but she is always able to utilize a witty put-down to quash Larry’s schemes and put him back in his place.

Marty Funkhouser, brilliantly portrayed by actor Bob Einstein, is the deadpan, respectable, clownish friend who is constantly in conflict with Larry. A loyal family man who feels a strong duty to adhere to the customs and traditions that family and friends owe to each other, Marty is diametrically opposed to Larry in his outlook on life. Marty’s strong adherence to his religion, Judaism, is also in contrast to Larry, who is far less observant than Marty. Marty's blunt honesty and straightforward manner often lead him to come across as buffoonish in some scenarios, but he is generally well-meaning and kind-hearted. Despite his many arguments with Larry, Marty is an incredibly loyal friend and confidant to him, often siding with Larry in ongoing conflicts against his better judgment. Whether he's sharing bizarre anecdotes or delivering dry observations, Marty Funkhouser's presence injects energy and humor into every scene he inhabits, solidifying his status as a favorite character in "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

Ted Danson, another person playing a subtly altered fictionalized version of himself in the show, is an annoyingly affable, handsome, and successful nemesis to Larry. Whereas Larry is in a constant struggle to shape the world according to his wishes, Ted Danson is completely comfortable adapting to his surroundings, using his charm, wit, and good looks to achieve everything that Larry wants in life. Ted is careful to curate his image to seem generous, even though various moments throughout the show indicate that this is largely a method of satisfying his own ego rather than an authentic desire to do good things for others. His relaxed nature comes across as a refreshing self-awareness about his own celebrity status—a plot point that is often comically pitted against Larry’s frustration at his relative anonymity. Ted’s eventual relationship with Larry’s ex-wife, Cheryl, proves that he is perhaps not a true friend of Larry, though Ted would present his actions as his way of rescuing Cheryl from the clutches of a mild sociopath. The unique comedic rivalry between Ted and Larry that plays out in the show adds a special dynamic, cementing Ted’s character as a vital part of the show.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Test

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