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Disney Princess Test

Which Disney Princess character are you?

What makes a great Disney princess? Is it beauty? Compassion? Heroism? Intelligence? Wit? This test will determine whether you share any traits with some of Disney’s most beloved princesses.

Which Disney Princess are you? For each of the following questions, indicate how well it resonates with you below.

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I’m more of an indoor type than someone who enjoys nature.



The IDRLabs Disney Princess Test is inspired by psychometric methodology and based on research into the characters in the Disney Princess.

The test provides feedback such as the following:

Cinderella is the unassuming, neglected stepdaughter of a privileged family, turned belle of the ball, a young woman whose outward beauty belies her inner strength and resilience, making her one of the most beloved princesses of all time. Despite enduring cruelty and hardship at the hands of her stepfamily, she possesses gentle grace and unwavering kindness. Clad in tattered rags that fail to diminish her natural elegance, she moves with a quiet dignity that captivates all who encounter her. Cinderella's essence radiates hope and optimism, her spirit undimmed by adversity as she dreams of a brighter future beyond the confines of her humble existence. Charmed by the prince’s wide-eyed infatuation and his desperate search across the kingdom to find the girl who could wear the glass slipper she had left behind, Cinderella indulges her romantic nature and marries the smitten young prince.

Tiana is not your average damsel in distress. Equal parts self-confident and self-reliant, Tiana epitomizes resilience and ambition, embodying both grace and determination as she sets out on her quest to reverse the spell that has transformed her into a frog. With her hair pulled back in a no-nonsense bun, Tiana exudes an air of practicality and focus, yet her warm smile hints at a tender heart beneath her determined exterior. Clad in her signature green gown, she navigates both the enchanting frog world of the fairy tale and the gritty realism of 1920s New Orleans with unwavering determination, inspiring those around her with her unyielding pursuit of her dreams and her commitment to hard work. Her ambitious nature sets her apart from the other princesses, and her adaptability helps her navigate the disorientating transformation that defines her adventure.

Snow White is the epitome of youthful innocence and timeless beauty, with skin as fair as freshly fallen snow and hair as dark as ebony. Her doe-like eyes, as bright and innocent as the morning dew, radiate warmth and kindness, reflecting her gentle and pure-hearted nature. Her inherently trusting nature can lead her into difficulties when she encounters those who want to harm her, but it reveals an almost childlike wonder at the beauty of the world and all things that inhabit it. Her ability to connect with people, magical creatures, and animals alike shows an innate ability to relate to and care for other living things. Clad in a simple yet elegant dress adorned with hues of blue and yellow, she moves with a graceful serenity that captivates all who cross her path. Despite facing treacherous circumstances orchestrated by her jealous stepmother, Snow White's inspiring optimism and unwavering belief in the goodness of others remain as unblemished as her porcelain complexion, inspiring hope and enchantment wherever she roams.

Belle is a captivating blend of intelligence, compassion, and an independent spirit. With striking hazel eyes that reflect her curiosity and auburn hair cascading in gentle waves, she possesses an understated beauty that belies her inner strength. Clad in her iconic golden ball gown, Belle exudes elegance and grace as she navigates the enchanting world of her small village and the haunting grandeur of the Beast's castle. Unlike many of the other princesses, who end up with their handsome Prince Charmings, Belle sees the beast’s beauty beyond his grizzly appearance, indicating a genuine love for a person’s humanity that is uncommon in the Disney world. Her love for books ’nd thirst for knowledge sets her apart, while her unwavering kindness and empathy touch the ’earts of all who meet her, ultimately leading her to see beyond appearances and discover true love within the Beast’s misunderstood soul.

Pocahontas is a spirited and free-spirited young woman, deeply connected to her Native American heritage and the natural world around her. With flowing ebony hair and warm, expressive eyes, she exudes a quiet strength and wisdom beyond her years. Her graceful movements and agile athleticism reflect her affinity for the land and her people’s way of life. Unlike some of the other princesses, she is naturally adventurous, harboring a deep yearning to explore the world outside her village and experience the many delights the world has to offer. Pocahontas possesses a profound sense of curiosity and compassion, always seeking to understand others and bridge the gap between cultures. Her courageous spirit leads her to stand up for what she believes in, even in the face of adversity, as she strives to promote peace, harmony, and respect for all beings.

Ariel, the mermaid princess of the ocean realm, is a vibrant and adventurous spirit with an insatiable curiosity about the world above and below the sea. With her fiery red hair flowing like waves around her, contrasting against her shimmering green tail, she is a vision of youthful exuberance and beauty. Ariel’s large, expressive eyes reflect her boundless imagination and determination as she yearns to explore the human world beyond the ocean’s depths. Despite her fascination with the unknown, she possesses a kind and compassionate heart, forming deep connections with both sea creatures and humans alike. She finds solace and expression in her beautiful singing voice, a unique talent that unites sea creatures in celebration of her music. Ariel's unwavering courage and independent spirit lead her on a transformative journey of self-discovery, where she learns the true meaning of love, sacrifice, and finding her own voice in a world filled with wonder and challenges.

Jasmine is a headstrong and determined young woman whose fiery spirit matches her striking beauty. With cascading black hair and captivating brown eyes that reflect both intelligence and defiance, she exudes regal grace and confidence. Clad in elegant silks adorned with intricate jewels, Jasmine moves with a graceful poise that commands attention wherever she goes. Jasmine is a romantic at heart, with a strong belief in true love and a deep yearning for a genuine connection with someone who sees her for who she truly is, beyond her royal title. Beneath her regal exterior lies a compassionate heart, yearning for freedom and equality, as she challenges the confines of tradition and social expectations. Jasmine's unwavering sense of justice and independence make her a formidable ally and a beacon of hope for those who dare to dream beyond the constraints of their circumstances.

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Disney Princess Test

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