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Doraemon Test

Dive into the wacky world of Doraemon, a cult classic anime and manga series, and discover which gadget-cat companion best suits you! From the studious efficiency of Dekisugi to the adventurous spirit of Shizuka, each character in Doraemon embodies distinct quirks and strengths that resonate with different fans.

Get ready to answer some questions and see which Doraemon character reflects your personality purr-fectly!

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I keep my workplace and home well organized at all times.



The Doraemon Test was created by IDRlabs. Doraemon is a registered trademark and copyright belonging to Fujiko F. Fujio, Shogakukan, and Shin-Ei. The symbol © indicates copyright protection. Fujiko F. Fujio is the pen name of the manga artist who created Doraemon; Shogakukan is the Japanese publishing company that owns the rights to the Doraemon manga; and Shin-Ei is the animation studio that produces the Doraemon anime series. This notice signifies that all rights associated with Doraemon are reserved by these copyright holders. No infringement is intended by the present test.

The measured Doraemon characters are:

Doraemon, a robotic cat from the 22nd century, zooms into hearts with his quirky charm and endless pocket of gadgets. Loyal to a fault, especially to his often-clueless best friend Nobita, Doraemon uses his futuristic tools to solve problems and embark on fantastical adventures. Beneath his blue exterior lies a wellspring of kindness and compassion. Despite a fear of mice (thanks to a past encounter!), Doraemon's courage shines through as he faces challenges with Nobita by his side. Although his reliance on gadgets can sometimes backfire, Doraemon's creativity and unwavering support are his true strengths. With a heart of gold and a pocketful of possibilities, Doraemon makes every day an extraordinary journey.

Gian, the boisterous bully with a booming voice, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Doraemon. Though his temper flares fast and his methods can be rough around the edges, Gian's loyalty to his friends (well, most of them) is undeniable. He marches to the beat of his own drum, often leading the neighborhood kids on adventures, even if those adventures involve "borrowing" their toys. Deep down, Gian harbors a surprising shyness and a fierce love for his family, especially his little sister Jaiko. His dream of becoming a singer, despite his hilariously off-key voice, showcases his unwavering confidence and flamboyant spirit. While his tactics might be questionable, Gian's big heart and boisterous personality add a dash of chaos and a whole lot of laughter to Nobita's wacky world.

Tamako, the sunshine girl of Usagiyama Shopping District, warms hearts with her infectious cheer and boundless kindness. A natural people-pleaser, she helps run her family's mochi shop, "Tama-ya," crafting delicious treats and bringing smiles to everyone she meets. Her love for her family and friends is unwavering, always ready to lend a hand or a listening ear. Despite a touch of clumsiness and a tendency to space out (especially about her own birthday!), Tamako's enthusiasm for life is contagious. Her adventurous spirit leads her to explore new flavors of mochi and embrace the quirky charm of her everyday life. Though sometimes indecisive when faced with choices, Tamako's genuine warmth and gentle nature make her the heart and soul of Usagiyama. With a bright smile and a heart full of mochi, Tamako sweetens every story she touches.

Suneo, the self-proclaimed "rich kid" of the Doraemon gang, struts through life with a flamboyant air. Money may be his middle name (not really, but you get the idea), but Suneo's charm lies in his flamboyant personality and knack for finding the fun in everything. He loves to brag about his family's wealth and possessions, often using them to show off and gain an edge over his friends. Despite his materialistic side, Suneo possesses a hidden loyalty to his companions, even if it means tagging along on Nobita's wacky adventures fueled by Doraemon's gadgets. His cowardice and occasional jealousy can land him in hot water, but Suneo's flamboyant spirit and theatrical flair add a touch of humor to their escapades. While his priorities might be skewed towards material possessions, Suneo's love for a good time and unexpected flashes of generosity make him a flamboyant, albeit sometimes frustrating, member of the Doraemon crew.

Nobita, the endearing underdog of the Doraemon gang, stumbles through life with a heart of gold and a head (often) in the clouds. Academically challenged and athletically awkward, Nobita trips his way through tests and sports, his days filled with daydreams and a healthy dose of misfortune. Despite his shortcomings, Nobita's kindness and genuine nature shine through. He champions the underdog, is fiercely loyal to his friends, and is always ready to help those in need. His adventurous spirit, fueled by a love for comic books and tall tales, makes him the perfect partner for Doraemon's fantastical gadgets. Though prone to laziness and a good cry (especially when facing Gian's bullying!), Nobita's perseverance and hidden well of courage come to the forefront when it truly matters. With a childlike wonder and a reliance on his loyal robot cat friend, Nobita's journey is a testament to the power of friendship, imagination, and the occasional dose of futuristic technology.

Dekisugi, the seemingly perfect foil to Nobita, glides through life with an air of effortless brilliance. This "ace" (as he's sometimes called) excels in everything he touches, from academics and sports to astronomy and philosophy. His intelligence is matched by his good nature, making him a natural leader and a favorite amongst teachers and classmates (especially Shizuka, much to Nobita's chagrin). Despite his seemingly flawless exterior, Dekisugi isn't without his quirks. His quiet confidence can sometimes border on arrogance, and his focus on intellectual pursuits can leave him oblivious to the emotional undercurrents around him. However, beneath the surface lies a genuine kindness and a willingness to help others. He's always happy to lend Nobita a hand (or a brain) when needed, even if it means putting up with Nobita's antics. With his effortless talent and calm demeanor, Dekisugi adds a layer of friendly competition and intellectual stimulation to the world of Doraemon.

Shizuka, the epitome of kindness and intelligence, blossoms in the world of Doraemon like a beautiful flower. Known for her academic prowess and gentle spirit, Shizuka is a ray of sunshine, admired by classmates and teachers alike. Her love for learning extends beyond textbooks, encompassing a passion for music, art, and all things creative. With a nurturing heart and a talent for taking care of others, Shizuka often finds herself patching up Nobita's scrapes (both physical and emotional) after his gadget-fueled misadventures. Despite her composed demeanor, a spark of adventurous spirit lives within her. She's always game to join Doraemon and Nobita on their fantastical escapades, adding a voice of reason and a touch of femininity to their often chaotic explorations. Although sometimes a little shy and prone to scolding Nobita for his laziness, Shizuka's unwavering kindness and genuine nature make her the heart of the group. With a brilliant mind, a caring soul, and a love for all things beautiful, Shizuka brings balance and warmth to every Doraemon adventure.

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Doraemon Test

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