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Employee Unicorn Test

CEO William Vanderbloemen interviewed over 30,000 aspirants for high-profile job positions and discovered that there are seven types of highly valued employees (so-called employee unicorns).

This test offers a comprehensive evaluation of key traits essential for excellence in the modern workplace. Explore the dimensions of your professional character to determine whether you align with any of the seven Employee Unicorns.

Are you a highly valuable employee? For each of the following questions, indicate how well it resonates with you below.

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I refuse to be bogged down by problems, focusing instead on moving forward.



The IDRLabs Employee Unicorn Test is inspired by research in organizational psychology and personality traits in the workplace carried out by William Vanderbloemen.

The test provides feedback such as the following:

Fast Unicorns have proficiency in rapid decision-making and efficient task execution. They are characterized by a heightened capacity for swift cognitive processing, enabling them to rapidly discern critical from non-critical information and prioritize accordingly. Their decision style is marked by assertiveness and decisiveness, reducing the latency period typically associated with deliberation and indecision. Moreover, these individuals demonstrate a robust tenacity in their approach to tasks, characterized by a persistent and unwavering focus on achieving set objectives within stipulated timelines. This is further augmented by an adaptability quotient, allowing them to seamlessly recalibrate their strategies in response to evolving situational dynamics. The Fast Unicorn's efficiency is not merely confined to speed; it also encompasses meticulous attention to quality, ensuring that expedited task completion does not compromise the integrity of the output. Their behavioral profile is indicative of a high-performance individual adept at navigating high-pressure environments where rapid response and time-sensitive execution are paramount. This archetype is particularly valuable in roles where strategic agility and operational efficiency are critical to organizational success.

Authentic Unicorn: Represents a high degree of interpersonal transparency and genuine self-presentation. This profile is characterized by a pronounced tendency towards authentic communication, underpinned by an intrinsic motivation to maintain integrity in interactions. These people have a knack for self-disclosure, particularly in contexts requiring the acknowledgment of errors or gaps in knowledge. This is congruent with psychological constructs of authenticity, encompassing aspects of self-awareness, uninhibited expression, and a congruence between values and behavior. In professional settings, this profile suggests an adeptness in fostering trust-based relationships, a key component of effective teamwork and leadership. Their propensity for open admission of mistakes, coupled with a proactive approach to seeking assistance, aligns with constructs of emotional intelligence, particularly in the realms of social awareness and self-regulation. Furthermore, your Authentic Unicorn profile indicates a potential for creating an inclusive and psychologically safe work environment. This is instrumental in nurturing a culture where colleagues feel valued and empowered to contribute authentically, enhancing collective efficacy and organizational resilience.

Solver Unicorn: Reflects a predominant problem-solving orientation. Individuals with this profile exhibit a pronounced proclivity for transformative thinking, characterized by an innate inclination to reconceptualize challenges as opportunities for innovation. Their cognitive style demonstrates a distinct bias towards solution-focused strategies, eschewing victimhood narratives in favor of proactive problem resolution. As a Solver Unicorn, you display a remarkable adeptness in differentiating between scenarios that necessitate tangible solutions and those that require empathetic listening. This discernment is underpinned by a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, where you employ heuristic techniques to navigate complex situations effectively. Your capacity to reframe problems as possibilities signifies a high level of adaptive intelligence, and your tendency to bring forward creative yet practical solutions to discussions highlights your forward-thinking mindset. Moreover, your orientation aligns closely with the principles of positive psychology, emphasizing personal agency and resilience in overcoming obstacles. This ability not only renders you an invaluable asset in collaborative environments but also signifies a robust capability for independent critical thinking and innovation. Your profile suggests a strong alignment with roles that demand analytical acumen, creative problem-solving, and a dynamic approach to challenges.

Self-Aware Unicorns have a profound level of introspection and metacognition. This archetype is characterized by an acute awareness of their cognitive and emotional processes. They demonstrate a high degree of emotional intelligence, particularly in self-regulation and self-assessment. Their responses indicate a well-developed capacity for reflective thinking, allowing them to critically evaluate their strengths, limitations, and the impact of their actions in various contexts. These individuals typically exhibit adaptive behaviors in response to feedback, utilizing it constructively for personal and professional development. They possess a nuanced understanding of their skill sets and areas for growth, facilitating a targeted approach to continuous learning and skill enhancement. In collaborative settings, they show a marked tendency towards mindful engagement, ensuring their contributions are both meaningful and considerate of group dynamics. Furthermore, their self-awareness extends to social interactions. They are adept at navigating complex social landscapes, displaying a keen sensitivity to group dynamics and the needs of others. This ability to gauge and adjust their behavior accordingly positions them as valuable team players, capable of fostering a positive and productive work environment.

Curious Unicorns have a pronounced propensity for intellectual inquisitiveness and a robust inclination toward continuous learning. This archetype is characterized by a persistent quest for knowledge, marked by an explorative mindset that thrives on probing questions and an unquenchable thirst for understanding complex systems and concepts. Key indicators include a high frequency of inquisitive engagement in diverse contexts, suggesting an adaptive and investigative approach to problem-solving. The individual exhibits a strong tendency to venture beyond superficial explanations, seeking deeper insights and understanding. This is further evidenced by their active pursuit of educational opportunities, such as engaging with scholarly materials, attending workshops, and participating in intellectual discourse. The Curious Unicorn demonstrates a unique capacity for integrating newly acquired knowledge into practical scenarios, often bringing innovative perspectives to conventional challenges. Their cognitive orientation is marked by an openness to novel ideas and an ability to assimilate complex information rapidly, which translates into creative and effective problem-solving strategies.

Likeable Unicorns have a pronounced aptitude for fostering positive interpersonal relationships within a professional context. This archetype is characterized by a high degree of emotional intelligence, which is evident in their ability to seamlessly navigate and enhance team dynamics. Likable Unicorns demonstrate an innate capability for empathetic communication, often reflected in their adeptness at remembering personal details such as names, thereby reinforcing their relational bonds with colleagues. Their interpersonal acumen is further highlighted by their contribution to elevating team morale and cohesion. These individuals typically employ a range of social facilitation techniques, including initiating non-work-related conversations to foster a collegial atmosphere, thereby acting as catalysts for a positive organizational culture. The Likable Unicorn's relational equity, accrued through consistent positive interactions, positions them as integral to team functionality and harmony. This type is distinguished not only by their ability to establish rapport but also by their skill in maintaining professional boundaries, striking a balance between being personable and preserving a professional demeanor. Their proficiency in relational management makes them invaluable assets in collaborative environments, particularly in roles that necessitate high levels of team interaction and coordination.

Productive Unicorn: Denotes a paramount capacity for efficient task management and outcome-oriented performance. Characterized by their exceptional organizational skills, these individuals excel at identifying and prioritizing critical tasks, thereby optimizing workflow and maximizing productivity. Their approach is deeply rooted in a strategic understanding of task significance, allowing them to allocate resources and focus where it yields the highest returns. Crucially, the Productive Unicorn is adept at distinguishing between mere activity and genuine accomplishment, placing a premium on tangible outcomes over superficial output. This orientation towards results is complemented by their methodical nature, as evidenced by their habitual practice of delineating and tracking their top priorities on a daily basis. This not only enhances their own efficiency but also serves as a model of effective time management for their peers. Moreover, their organizational acumen extends beyond mere task completion. It encapsulates a holistic view of productivity, encompassing both personal and professional spheres. They exhibit a remarkable ability to maintain an organized workspace and thoughts, which further augments their productivity. In essence, the Productive Unicorn epitomizes the quintessence of efficiency, delivering consistent, high-quality results through a well-honed system of prioritization and organization.

The Employee Unicorn Test is inspired by research into relevant literature and methodological practices. While the Employee Unicorn Test is inspired by different fields of research, it cannot be used to provide clinical assessments or an accurate evaluation of your personality. Clinical assessments should always be done in cooperation with a mental health professional. For more information about any of our online tests and quizzes, please consult our Terms of Service.

Employee Unicorn Test

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