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GTA Character Test

Which character from Grand Theft Auto do you resemble?

Which character from the computer game series Grand Theft Auto are you similar to? For each of the following questions, indicate how well it describes you below.

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I mix irreverent flamboyance with shrewd business acumen.



The IDRLabs Grand Theft Auto Quiz is inspired by psychometric methodology and the sandbox videogame series Grand Theft Auto.

The test provides feedback such as the following:

Claude: Claude, the strong, silent protagonist from GTA III, is basically the poster child for minimalism — in personality, not home decor. He's the guy who goes to a job interview and just stares blankly when asked about his five-year plan. Claude expresses himself not with tedious chit-chat but with car chases, bank robberies, and the occasional rocket launcher – a much more efficient form of communication. He is as expressive as a brick wall, and honestly, even that might be giving the wall too much credit. In Liberty City, where mob bosses and crooked cops run the show, Claude's response to complicated intrigue and betrayal is a stoic shrug and maybe a Molotov cocktail if you’re lucky. In a world of loud, obnoxious criminals, Claude's silence is deafening — and honestly, kind of refreshing.

Tommy Vercetti: Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist of GTA: Vice City, is what happens when you cross a business tycoon's ambition with a penchant for Hawaiian shirts and a splash of psychopathy. Exiled by his mob boss to the neon-soaked streets of 1980s Vice City, Tommy's idea of climbing the corporate ladder involves less boardroom negotiating and more negotiation with a chainsaw. He's got all the charm and style of a classic 80s antihero —Scarface but with more pastels. Tommy doesn't just walk into a room; he swaggers in, ready to monopolize every illicit trade in town. His approach to problem-solving is as subtle as a sledgehammer to the face, and if you cross him, well, let's just say he doesn’t forgive and forget. He’s the kind of guy who’d start a gang war over a bad haircut, and yet, you can’t help but admire his audacity. In Tommy's world, loyalty is bought, enemies are plentiful, and the only thing higher than the body count is his hair in the humid Vice City air.

Carl Johnson: Carl “CJ” Johnson, the protagonist of GTA: San Andreas, is the guy who got out of the hood, only to find out the hood wasn't quite ready to let him go. He's the family man of the GTA universe, but relax, it's not what you're thinking. No white picket fences or Sunday barbecues here. CJ's family reunions typically involve drive-bys and dodging the cops. Returning to his old stomping grounds in Los Santos, he finds everything in shambles – and guess who’s expected to fix it? Good ol’ CJ. Carl is the kind of guy who’s as comfortable in a gang fight as he is in a dance battle; versatility is key, folks. He's got more depth than your average gangster, often getting philosophical about his choices, life, and the ever-elusive American Dream. Sure, he might steal cars, dabble in various illegal activities, and occasionally wreak havoc across the state, but at heart, he's just trying to do right by his family and friends. A regular hero, just with a slightly more checkered cape.

Niko Bellic: Niko Bellic, the brooding protagonist of GTA IV, is like that friend who comes to a party and talks about existential dread when everyone else is just trying to have a good time. Hailing from Eastern Europe with a suitcase full of grim past experiences and a heavy accent, he's on the hunt for the elusive American Dream. Niko’s idea of a motivational speech involves words like "revenge" and "betrayal," and he's more likely to philosophize about the futility of life than discuss the weather. In Liberty City, a melting pot of crime and corruption, Niko navigates through with a moral compass that's seen better days. It’s constantly spinning, thanks to his line of work – you know, the usual gunfights, car chases, and making decisions that would give even the most seasoned ethics professor a migraine. His love life is a rollercoaster that nobody, not even him, wants a ticket for. With his distinctive brand of dark humor and a penchant for getting into situations that definitely weren't in the travel brochure, Niko is as complex as he is troubled, treating life's absurdities with the kind of resigned cynicism that could only come from someone who's been through the wringer a few too many times.

Michael De Santa: Michael De Santa from GTA V is a fascinating blend of midlife crisis and criminal retirement gone awry. Picture this: a man who's achieved every broke criminal's dream – a Vinewood mansion, a therapist on speed dial, and a family that could star in their own dysfunctional reality TV show. Michael's days involve sipping whiskey by an uncleaned pool, reminiscing about his heist-filled glory days, and wondering if his tennis coach is really only just teaching his wife backhand technique. He's the kind of guy who buys a sports car and calls it a 'practical investment.' His criminal expertise? Undeniable. His family management skills? Well, let's just say he's better at negotiating hostage situations than a peaceful family dinner. Michael's life is a cautionary tale for aspiring criminals who dream big. Sure, you can break out of the middle-class rut, but you might just find yourself longing for it once you're perched in a mansion, with nothing but your idling luxury life to keep you entertained.

Franklin Clinton: Franklin Clinton is the living embodiment of someone trying to make "better bad decisions." In the sun-soaked, superficial world of GTA V's Los Santos, he’s the young hustler next door — if your neighborhood regularly features high-speed chases and casual heists, that is. Starting from the lowly ranks of repo man, Franklin's got bigger dreams than repossessing cars from people who talk too much at parties. He’s ambitious, sure, but with a side of existential dread, wondering if there’s more to life than the gang-infested streets of his youth. He’s got this uncanny ability to remain cool under pressure, a skill undoubtedly honed by dealing with his petulant friend Lamar’s harebrained schemes. Franklin's the guy who tries to bring a bit of normality and common sense to a city filled with gang shootouts. Aiming for the top, he's constantly reminded that gravity works – often the hard way – as he tries to navigate a path through the chaos, dodging bullets and the bad life choices of his friends alike.

Trevor Philips: Trevor Philips from GTA V is what you'd get if a tornado had a baby with a firecracker and then sent it to a finishing school run by outlaws. He's as stable as a two-legged chair and has a moral compass that spins more wildly than a discount fan. Trevor’s approach to problem-solving usually involves a lot of shouting and shooting. His home in Sandy Shores is exactly what you'd expect from a guy who considers hygiene optional at best and a government conspiracy at worst. If unpredictability had a face, it would be Trevor’s, smiling unsettlingly at you while plotting the next chaotic escapade. He's got a heart, sure, but good luck finding it under layers of madness, violence, and an inexplicable loyalty to his equally unhinged childhood friends. In the dictionary under "loose cannon," you’ll find a picture of Trevor, probably mid-explosion. He’s the kind of guy you’d never want to invite to dinner, primarily because you’d likely end up on the menu.

The Grand Theft Auto Test is inspired by methodological practices and the videogame series Grand Theft Auto. While the Grand Theft Auto quiz is inspired by different fields of research, it cannot be used to provide clinical assessments or an accurate evaluation of your personality. Clinical assessments should always be done in cooperation with a mental health professional. For more information about any of our online tests and quizzes, please consult our Terms of Service.

GTA Character Test

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