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Jungian Typology Test

Testing your knowledge of Myers, Briggs, and Jung

So you think you know anything about Jungian typology? Nothing is easier than being an armchair expert online. But what do you really know, grasshopper? Are you a fearsome black belt or a puny padawan? A go-getting amateur or a genuine expert on Jung's typology? I guess we'll just have to find out. Ready? Let's begin.

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When he published Psychological Types, Jung postulated:


The "Jungian Typology Test" is the property of IDR Labs International.

The "Jungian Typology Test" is the property of IDR Labs International but pays homage to the works of C.G. Jung, C.A. Meier, J.H. van der Hoop, M-L von Franz, W. Pauli, I. Myers, and K.C. Briggs.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and MBTI are trademarks of the MBTI Trust, Inc., who publish the MBTI test. This website is not affiliated with the MBTI Trust, Inc.

While this test can help you gauge the extent of your knowledge of Jung's typology, it is important to note that static knowledge of typology does not necessarily translate into an ability to accurately determine other people's types (although all else being equal, it certainly helps). As such, please note that the test cannot say anything about how good you are at determining other people's types and that the test should not be used as a measurement of an individual's ability to accurately determine the psychological types of others. It can only say something about how much an individual knows about typology in terms of static book knowledge.

The "Jungian Typology Test"© is the property of IDR Labs International. For more information, please consult our Terms of Service.

Why Use This Test?

1. Free. This free online test is designed to measure the extent of your knowledge of Jung's typology and is delivered to you free of charge.

2. Comprehensive. The 16 four-letter codes were developed by Myers and Briggs, but they are part of a much wider theoretical framework, originally based on the work of C.G. Jung and his associates. This test doesn't just test your knowledge of the MBTI instrument and its theory, but your knowledge of the field as a whole.

3. First of its kind. This test has been developed to help you determine how much you know about Jungian typology and there is no other free online test like it.

4. Made by professionals. The authors of this test are certified in the use of different personality tests and have worked professionally with typology and personality testing.