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Long-Term Partner Test

Dr. Sue Johnson researched the qualities that are commonly found in people who make good long-term romantic partners and isolated three traits that appeared over and over again: Accessibility, Responsiveness, and Engagement.

Think of someone whom you know – your partner or a potential partner you may know. Would they make a good long-term partner, according to the research of Dr. Johnson? For each of the following statements, indicate how well it applies to them below.

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My partner is attracted to me.



The IDRlabs Long-Term Partner Test was developed by IDRlabs.

Knowing if your partner is long-term relationship material is important for several reasons. Stable attachments require significant emotional, time, and sometimes financial investment. Understanding if your partner is compatible with your long-term goals helps you make informed decisions about where to direct your efforts. If you have specific life goals, such as starting a family, owning a home, or pursuing a particular career path, you'll want to ensure that your partner shares these goals and is willing to work together to achieve them.

Entering into a long-term relationship is a significant decision that can shape your future. Before making this commitment, consider personal readiness. Are you emotionally, mentally, and personally ready for a long-term relationship? Consider your own emotional well-being and stability. Can you communicate openly and honestly with your potential long-term partner? Effective communication is crucial for a successful relationship. Do you and your partner share core values, such as family, faith, or life goals? Aligning fundamental principles is essential.

Reflect on past relationships and any patterns you've noticed. Consider what you've learned and how you've grown from those experiences. Commitment is essential for long-term success. Evaluate your ability to resolve conflicts effectively. Also, trust is the foundation of any long-term relationship. Can you trust your partner, and does he/she trust you? Moreover, discuss your financial goals, spending habits, and financial responsibilities. Financial compatibility is crucial for long-term stability.

Entering a long-term relationship with a partner who isn't emotionally ready for commitment can lead to complications and heartbreak. Recognizing early on if your partner is not interested can prevent both parties from investing time and energy in a partnership with a limited future. Being with the right partner can contribute to happiness and fulfillment while being with the wrong partner can lead to stress and unhappiness.

Knowing that your partner is committed to the long-term future of the relationship can help build trust and strengthen the bond between you. Life presents challenges, and knowing that your partner is committed allows you to plan and face these challenges together. In the best-case scenario, a long-term relationship leads to lifelong companionship. Knowing if your partner is ready for and interested in this type of commitment is vital for a lasting and satisfying connection.

Long-term partners provide a consistent source of emotional support, helping individuals cope with life's challenges, stress, and emotional ups and downs. Being in this kind of attachment provides a constant companion, alleviating feelings of loneliness and offering a sense of belonging. It offers a stable and secure environment, providing a safe haven for partners to navigate life's uncertainties. Long-term partners share deep emotional and physical bonds, offering love, affection, and a fulfilling sexual relationship.

Many long-term relationships lead to the formation of families, offering a stable environment for raising children and providing a supportive family unit. They often work together to achieve common life goals, such as homeownership, financial stability, and retirement. They can also contribute to personal happiness and fulfillment, as they provide a strong support system and shared experiences. Partners celebrate important life milestones together, such as anniversaries, achievements, and special occasions. This contributes to a sense of continuity, a legacy, and the passing down of traditions and values to future generations.

Overall, understanding if your partner is a long-term relationship material can save you from potential heartache, help you make informed decisions, and create the foundation for a successful, lasting partnership based on shared goals and values. It's a way to ensure that your time, effort, and emotions are invested wisely in a relationship that has a promising future.

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