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Pokémon Energy Test

Which Pokémon energy do you have?

In the Pokémon universe, there are nine basic energy types that correspond to the various Pokémon types. Each Pokémon belongs to one or more of these types and is powered by these energies.

This test will determine which of the nine Pokémon energies you embody, based on your personality. To take the test, indicate how well each of the following statements describes you below.

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I find it hard to stay committed and follow through with plans.



The IDRLabs Pokémon Energy Test is inspired by psychometric methodology and the universe of the Pokémon franchise. IDRLabs is not affiliated with any institutions.

The test provides feedback such as the following:

Grass Energy: Reflects a profound connection to nature and growth. It refers to qualities of nurturing, adaptability, and rejuvenation. Individuals with strong grass energy are often seen as caregivers, offering support and guidance to those around them. They thrive in environments that are close to nature, drawing energy from the earth and its life forms. This energy also signifies resilience and the ability to flourish under diverse conditions, much like plants that adapt to their surroundings. People with this energy are typically patient, understanding, and radiate a calm, healing presence. They often have a green thumb, finding joy and peace in gardening and outdoor activities, and they possess an innate ability to foster growth and positive change in themselves and others.

Fire Energy: Denotes passion, enthusiasm, and a dynamic spirit. It refers to a burning drive and vitality for life. Individuals with strong fire energy are often seen as leaders, inspiring others with their fervor and determination. They are action-oriented, not afraid to take risks, and are often at the forefront of new initiatives. This energy is also indicative of a strong will and a powerful presence, akin to the unyielding nature of fire. People with fire energy are typically charismatic, engaging, and have an innate ability to motivate and energize those around them. They thrive in challenging situations, showing remarkable resilience and an ability to rise from their own ashes like a phoenix.

Water Energy: Represents emotional depth, intuition, and adaptability. It refers to the ability to flow seamlessly through life's challenges, much like water shapes itself into its container. Individuals with strong water energy are often characterized by their emotional intelligence, empathy, and a soothing presence. They are adept at understanding and navigating their own emotions as well as those of others, providing comfort and support. This energy also signifies flexibility and a natural talent for finding the path of least resistance, akin to a river finding its course. People with water energy are typically reflective, calm, and have an intrinsic understanding of the ebbs and flows of life, making them excellent mediators and healers.

Lightning Energy: Reflects speed, responsiveness, and a vibrant intellect. It refers to the ability to think and act quickly, bringing about rapid changes and solutions. Individuals with strong lightning energy are often seen as quick-witted and alert, capable of adapting swiftly to new situations. This energy is symbolic of a sudden, illuminating insight and the capacity to electrify and invigorate others. People with lightning energy are typically lively, innovative, and thrive in fast-paced, dynamic environments. They are adept at problem-solving and can easily navigate complex situations with their sharp intellect and agile minds, often bringing a spark of excitement and novelty to their endeavors.

Psychic Energy: Denotes insight, intuition, and a deep understanding of the unseen. It refers to the ability to perceive beyond the surface, grasping the essence of both people and situations. Individuals with strong psychic energy are often regarded as profoundly intuitive, able to sense things that are not immediately apparent. This energy is symbolic of a connection to the subconscious and the metaphysical aspects of life. People with psychic energy are typically thoughtful, introspective, and possess an uncanny ability to decipher complex ideas and hidden motives. They are often sought after for their wisdom and insight, providing guidance that goes beyond the obvious and superficial.

Fighting Energy: Represents resilience, courage, and a relentless spirit. It refers to the ability to face challenges head-on and persist against all odds. Individuals with strong fighting energy are often seen as warriors, battling through life's challenges with unyielding strength and determination. This energy is symbolic of a fighter's spirit, showcasing stamina, grit, and a refusal to back down in the face of adversity. People with fighting energy are typically strong-willed, driven, and capable of overcoming significant obstacles. They inspire others with their bravery and tenacity, often leading by example in pursuing their goals and standing up for what they believe in.

Darkness Energy: Reflects mystery, depth, and an unconventional approach to life. It refers to the ability to navigate through ambiguity and uncertainty with ease. Individuals with strong darkness energy are often seen as enigmatic, embracing the unknown and the unorthodox. This energy is symbolic of the night, representing introspection, reflection, and a deep exploration of the self and the world. People with darkness energy are typically independent thinkers, unafraid to question norms and explore alternative viewpoints. They possess a unique perspective on life, often challenging conventional wisdom and bringing to light the overlooked and misunderstood aspects of existence.

Metal Energy: Denotes resilience, discipline, and a strong sense of duty. It refers to an unbreakable will and a commitment to principles and goals. Individuals with strong metal energy are often seen as the backbone of any endeavor, reliable and unwavering in their pursuits. This energy is symbolic of the strength and durability of metal, showcasing steadfastness, endurance, and a grounded nature. People with metal energy are typically dependable, focused, and take their responsibilities seriously. They are respected for their determination and ability to stay the course, no matter how challenging the path may be, often serving as pillars of strength in their communities.

Fairy Energy: Denotes whimsy, sensitivity, and an ethereal presence. It refers to the ability to bring lightness, joy, and magic into the everyday. Individuals with strong fairy energy are often seen as dreamers, enchanting those around them with their creativity and charm. This energy is symbolic of the mystical and fantastical elements of life, inspiring wonder and delight. People with fairy energy are typically imaginative, empathetic, and have a natural talent for uplifting and nurturing others. They often have a gentle, soothing presence, creating a sense of harmony and beauty wherever they go, and they are adept at seeing and celebrating the magic in the mundane.

The Pokémon Energy Test is inspired by psychometric methodology and the universe of the Pokémon franchise. While the Pokémon Energy Test is inspired by scientific methodology, it cannot be used to provide clinical assessments or an accurate evaluation of your personality. Clinical assessments should always be done in cooperation with a mental health professional. For more information about any of our online tests and quizzes, please consult our Terms of Service.

Pokémon Energy Test

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