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Pokémon Test

This fun quiz will explore the vast world of Pokémon to match you with the character who reflects you best! From the fiery passion of Charizard to the playful charm of Eevee, each Pokémon possesses unique strengths and personalities that complement their trainers.

Get ready to embark on a personality adventure and see which Pokémon you resemble most!

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Helping a lost puppy reunite with its owner makes me happier than good grades in school or success at work.



The Pokémon Test was created by IDRlabs. The Pokémon name, characters, creatures, locations, and all associated designs are trademarks and copyrights of The Pokémon Company International, Inc. (TPCI) and its licensors. No infringement is intended by the present test.

The measured Pokémon characters are:

Pikachu is a spunky and energetic Pokémon, known for its spark of both electricity and personality. It's a loyal companion, fiercely protective of its trainer, and quick to make new friends. A burst of curiosity fuels Pikachu's adventures, leading it to explore with boundless enthusiasm. Though sometimes a little stubborn and prone to the occasional tantrum (with a shocking display!), Pikachu's big heart shines through. It values teamwork and camaraderie and is always ready to lend a shocking paw to those in need. With a determined spirit and a powerful zap, Pikachu electrifies every journey it takes.

Charizard embodies the burning spirit of a powerful dragon. This proud Pokémon commands respect with its imposing stature and fierce loyalty. Beneath its fiery exterior lies a heart that burns for battle and a deep connection with its trainer. Charizard's competitive spirit pushes it to constantly improve, striving to become the strongest it can be. The intensity of its training ignites the flame at its tail, a symbol of its ever-growing power. While Charizard can be short-tempered at times, a strong bond with its trainer unlocks its true potential. When trust is earned, Charizard becomes a loyal and formidable companion, soaring through the skies with unmatched power and grace.

Bulbasaur embodies a harmony of nature and resilience. This curious creature, with its bright, inquisitive eyes, possesses a gentle spirit and a surprising amount of strength. Unlike its fiery or energetic counterparts, Bulbasaur finds power in patience and perseverance. The bulb on its back, a symbol of growth and potential, blossoms alongside Bulbasaur's journey. This loyal companion isn't afraid of hard work, using its sturdy vines to climb and explore. Bulbasaur's nurturing nature shines through its care for the bulb, reflecting its compassion for others. Despite its unassuming demeanor, Bulbasaur possesses a hidden toughness, able to withstand harsh conditions and emerge ever stronger.

Mewtwo is a powerhouse with a playful side. Created in a lab, its curiosity burns as brightly as its psychic abilities. It loves a good mental challenge, telepathically dissecting puzzles and wowing its trainer with mind-bending feats. Don't be fooled by its sleek design – beneath that powerful form lies a thirst for knowledge and a mischievous streak. Mewtwo might be one of the strongest Pokémon around, but it also enjoys a good mental game of chess... or levitating your teacup for a friendly giggle.

Jigglypuff embodies a delightful mix of artistic passion and playful persistence. This adorable puffball, with its big, expressive eyes, possesses a heart brimming with musical dreams and a surprising amount of determination. Unlike some Pokémon who battle with brute force, Jigglypuff finds power in its enchanting voice. This persistent Pokémon isn't afraid of a little hard work, tirelessly practicing its lullaby until it's perfect. Jigglypuff's artistic spirit shines through in its melodic creations, reflecting its desire to share its gift with the world. Despite its sometimes frustrated demeanor, Jigglypuff possesses a hidden charm, able to melt hearts (and eyelids) with its captivating song.

Eevee embodies a delightful mix of boundless curiosity and adaptable potential. This adorable fox-like creature, with its bright, inquisitive eyes, possesses a playful spirit and a heart overflowing with eagerness to explore. Unlike some Pokémon with a singular focus, Eevee thrives on its inherent potential to evolve into various forms. This enthusiastic companion isn't afraid to try new things, readily adapting its playful energy to any situation. Eevee's loyal nature shines through in its devotion to its trainer, eager to learn and grow alongside them. Despite its unassuming demeanor, Eevee possesses a hidden spark of power, waiting to be unlocked and unleashed in its future form.

Squirtle embodies a delightful blend of adventurous spirit and confident swagger. This spunky reptile, with its bright, determined eyes, possesses a playful personality and a heart brimming with courage. Unlike some Pokémon, who prefer the safety of hiding, Squirtle thrives on seeking out challenges and exploring the world. Squirtle's loyalty shines through in its camaraderie with fellow trainers, always ready to lend a helping claw (or a well-aimed water spout) to those in need. Despite its small stature, Squirtle possesses a hidden reservoir of toughness, ready to face any challenge with a determined glint in its eye.

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Pokémon Test

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