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Primadonna Test

Primadonnas are poor victims who can't help that the world doesn't recognize their greatness. If others have ever perceived them as vainglorious or self-centered, that just shows that they can't handle someone truly unique. In fact, referring to those with special qualities as 'primadonnas' is really a form of slander the little people resort to to cope with the greatness of the special few.

Could you be said to have qualities that make others envious enough to call you a primadonna? For each of the following statements, indicate how well it describes you below.

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I like to be complimented.



The IDRlabs Primadonna Test (IDR-PDT) was developed by IDRlabs.

The test measures traits such as the following:

Snooty: Primadonnas are not afraid to let others know that they are better than everyone else. If others perceive them as arrogant, pompous, or self-centered, that just shows that the greatness of the primadonna provokes feelings of inferiority in the little people. Sometimes one of the little people will have the gall to express an opinion that is different from the primadonnas. In such cases, the primadonna must assert their superiority by being patronizing, condescending, or refusing to pay attention to the little person at all.

Entitled: Primadonnas are unique and important people who should naturally get preferential treatment everywhere they go. As they are clearly superior and special, they have the right to do what they want and to act as if no rules apply to them (seeing as rules are for the little people). As individuals of singular importance, primadonnas are allowed to disregard deadlines and commonplace social expectations because they are, in fact, better than others. To live their greatness, primadonnas must be free to act according to their own desires, – especially so since their judgment is the gold standard of excellence.

Overcritical: It may be the case that the little people can get by on grits and Happy Meals. Not so for primadonnas, who tend to have very particular expectations when it comes to food, clothes, travel, and, indeed, everything else. If waiters and clerks are not held to unattainable standards, how will they know that they are dealing with someone very important? Making others travel to the moon for you and back shows the little people that they are dealing with someone they should respect. Upon receiving a gift, it is also good to dwell on its shortcomings or to say out loud how the gift could have been even better. After all, these behaviors show that one has higher standards than others.

Vain: It is only right and good that a primadonna gets the limelight, so when others are the center of attention, one must pout and make a scene; indeed behave contrarily and effect sabotage until one can take center stage again. Even better is to surround oneself with those who are willing to constantly satiate one’s need for affirmation and praise. Being celebrated for one’s many achievements and talents should be the natural way of things – not something that one should have to work for.

“Me-Me-Me”: “Many people working to please me all at once” – this is a real primadonna’s definition of teamwork. After all, doing one’s fair share of the work is to admit that one is no more important than anyone else. No – delegating and leading the work while avoiding the taint of menial tasks at all times; this is the natural posture of a primadonna. Only getting involved once everything is done and then blatantly taking all the credit is another way of asserting one’s superiority. After all, those who are special should, of course, have everything handed to them.

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