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John Green

John Green Quotes

Quotes by and about John Green

(Continued from his main entry on the site.)

Green: "The task of understanding the reality of other people's experience is incredibly difficult."

Green: "A lot of the stuff that I really hate about being alive is, like, standing in line to get my driver's license, or being in traffic. I have this one brief shot at consciousness and I'm devoting it to standing in line?"

Green: "People think it is okay to have an opinion about facts. This happens all the time ... [but] you are not entitled to have an opinion about a fact."

Green: "Many interesting ... questions have more than one interesting [or] correct answer ... But that doesn't mean you're entitled to any opinion you happen to have."

Green: "I am usually pretty disappointed with [a] book [I've written] when I finally turn in the last draft and hear that I can't revise it any further."

Green: "I'm a writer of limited talents, and [with my characters] I don't feel that I can stray too far from myself."

Green: "[I was] a terrible student ... I felt like education was just a series of hurdles that had been erected before me, and I had to jump over in order to achieve adulthood. And I didn't really want to jump over these hurdles, because they seemed completely arbitrary, so I often wouldn't."

Green: "We have to live with ambiguity. We have to give ourselves over to it. The question is: How? How are we going to live in a universe where important questions will always go unanswered?"

Green: "I am able to spend $90 a month on cable television while 2 billion people live on less than $60 a month only because I do not feel those people's joy and pain and desire as acutely as I feel my own. If I did feel every individual's need as acutely as I feel my own, I would almost certainly forgo cable TV and send that money to those who need it for food and shelter."