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Julian Casablancas

Julian Casablancas Quotes

Quotes by and about Julian Casablancas

(Continued from his main entry on the site.)

Casablancas: "Generally the goal is to inspire. I mean, I think that's what art is supposed to do."

[On his fashion sense:]
Casablancas: "Whenever I go to shows, I end up looking at what shoes the guy onstage is wearing and the jacket he's got on. And when you know everything's gonna be under scrutiny, it makes you feel more comfortable if you have cool stuff."

Casablancas: "If the choice is between doing something supercool and having no one hear it and doing something equally cool and tricking people into putting it on the radio, I don't think the second option is some big sellout."

Casablancas: "I think in general stage one of any process is my favorite."

GQ Magazine: "Making people feel emotional and worn-out and sexy at the same time has always been what Casablancas is good at."

Neil Strauss: "If he weren't a rock star, he'd be the neighborhood drunk with a heart of gold. ... He is in the moment ... [and] his intentions are the noblest."

GQ Magazine: "[He] is honest, easygoing, good company. But he is also irredeemably ... himself."

Neil Strauss: "The thing about Casablancas is that he speaks and sways like he's out of it, but if you stick around him long enough, you begin to realize that he is ultra-aware of everything going on around him."