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Laura Bush

Laura Bush Quotes

Quotes by and about Laura Bush

(Continued from her main entry on the site.)

Peter Schweizer: "[George W. Bush and Laura Bush] attended the same junior high school together. With W.'s outgoing personality and his sometimes bombastic demeanor, Laura certainly knew who he was. But W. never recalled meeting the quiet and serious young girl."

Charlie Younger [childhood acquaintance of both George W. Bush and Laura Bush:] "I would never have matched them together. ... Laura is more ladylike. She was a teacher-librarian-type lady and George was more the rambunctious reveler and rambler."

Peter Schweizer: "For Laura, the initial attraction was W.'s energy. While she was intense, it was in a quiet ... way. 'She keeps things more inside,' says Elsie Walker Kilbourne. ... 'But it's a mistake to think that she is just very laid back. She just doesn't show it.'"

Peter Schweizer: "For W., who seemed to have trouble finding exactly his place, Laura was someone who seemed to know exactly who she was and where she wanted to be. 'George saw that Laura's feet were firmly planted on the ground,' says Nancy Bush Ellis. 'I think after all the transitions in his life, he wasn't interested in marrying someone like himself. He wanted someone steady and calm.'"