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Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg Quotes

Quotes by and about Matt Mullenweg

(Continued from his main entry on the site.)

Mullenweg: "For WordPress, we're trying to set up a community that will be around 10 to 30 years from now. ... I feel like the non-elected benevolent dictator: It's my responsibility to meet as many users as possible and direct the software project in a way that reflects their interests."

Mullenweg: "People write a lot of comments on my blog, and I actually read and manually approve every comment before it gets posted. I think the broken-windows theory - that a broken window or graffiti in a neighborhood begets more of the same - applies online. One bad comment engenders 10 more. I'll happily approve a comment from someone who completely disagrees with everything I believe in, but if I get a positive comment with a curse word in it, I'll edit it out. My blog is like my living room. If someone was acting out in my house, I'd ask that person to leave."

Mullenweg: "I read a lot of business books, because I feel like I should figure out how to be a real businessman before someone figures out that I'm not one."

Mullenweg: "Smileys are amazing. Use them liberally - but not passive-aggressively!"

[Asked how to cope with setbacks and negative experiences:]
Mullenweg: "Remember to keep perspective, the world is a big place and many of the things we think are real problems are actually results of things we're lucky to be experiencing at all."

Mullenweg: "[With WordPress what we're] ultimately ... trying to do [is] to create a movement."

Mullenweg: "Focus on people first."