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Seinfeld Character Test

Which Seinfeld character are you?

The world of Seinfeld is full of quirky, idiosyncratic characters who get up to crazy hijinks to avoid confrontation. This test will determine whether you have anything in common with the characters from the show.

Which Seinfeld character are you? For each of the following questions, indicate how well it resonates with you below.

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I often get obsessed with small, insignificant details.



The IDRLabs Seinfeld Test is inspired by psychometric methodology and based on research into the characters in Seinfeld.

The test provides feedback such as the following:

Jerry Seinfeld: Jerry Seinfeld is the 90s leading observational comic – a wise-cracking, sarcastic New York comedian playing himself in his eponymous show. Often relaxed in the face of stressful challenges, Jerry is neurotically obsessed with the minutiae of mundane, everyday existence. This obsession forms the basis of his comedy routines, where he proves that no custom or social norm is safe from ridicule. He generously shares the spoils of his success with his friends and is very easygoing in the midst of the absurd scheming and neuroticism of George, Elaine, and Kramer. Jerry acts as the social hub of the friend group and loves bringing people together. He is a loyal friend, indulging his friends even in their wackiest delusions. In terms of style, Jerry likes to appear clean-cut and wears classic, understated clothes so as not to show off his wealth. Jerry's constant stream of comedic mishaps and eccentric encounters makes him a relatable, iconic sitcom character.

George Costanza: George Costanza, the fictional embodiment of Seinfeld writer Larry David, is constantly struggling to navigate the world in the midst of hilarious neurosis, perceived slights, and awkward interactions. Chronically insecure and self-deprecating, George often finds ways to interpret the way people interact with him as disrespectful, despite little evidence. His many flawed romantic relationships signify an enduring sense that the grass is greener on the other side. As a result, he is never happy in relationships or when he is single. Rather than confronting the problems he encounters in relationships, he is more likely to fabricate absurd lies to avoid conflict, which always ends up leading to disaster further down the line. George’s lack of professional success is down to a similar urge to avoid doing the necessary work, leading to funny conflicts with his bosses. George’s exaggerated reactions and memorable catchphrases have given him legendary status in the sitcom world.

Elaine Benes: Elaine Benes, the charming ex-girlfriend who more than holds her own in a male friendship group, is assertive, independent, and always ready to bring the other characters down to size with a dry quip. Elaine often ends up in awkward social situations, but her charm and straight-talking, no-nonsense attitude usually get her out unscathed, if a little embarrassed. Elaine is characterized by her unapologetic wit, and despite breaking up with Jerry, their shared relaxed attitudes ensure she remains a close friend. Elaine is a serial dater, navigating the New York single scene with humor and a sense of fun in the face of ridiculous antics with various partners. Elaine is persistent and ambitious in her professional life, holding down jobs with several demanding bosses whom she navigates with skill. Her distinctive hair, terrible dance moves, and quirky sense of humor make her one of the show’s most beloved characters.

Cosmo Kramer: Cosmo Kramer is the eccentric oddball of the group, whose off-kilter lifestyle and optimistic outlook always get him involved in hair-brained schemes to get rich quick. Kramer lives next door but treats Jerry’s apartment as his own, not out of a sense of entitlement but out of a genuine inability to heed social cues on what is and isn’t acceptable. With his wild hair, peculiar fashion sense, and trademark sliding entrances, Kramer is the quirky neighbor who operates on a different wavelength from the rest of the world. Despite his lack of a steady job, Kramer is a perpetual optimist and dreamer, often concocting elaborate schemes that rarely go as planned. Kramer has an inspiring level of energy and an infectious enthusiasm for life, which makes him very successful with women. Kramer's unique approach to life, coupled with his bizarre yet endearing qualities, solidifies him as one of the most iconic and beloved characters in the sitcom landscape.

Newman: Newman is the quintessential arch-nemesis and comedic foil to Jerry Seinfeld and the rest of the main characters. As the portly, scheming mailman, Newman is the embodiment of laziness, cunning, and mischief – with an obvious sense of schadenfreude when his plans to disrupt Jerry’s life succeed. His distinct, nasally voice and misanthropic demeanor add to his maleficent presence on the show. Newman's penchant for petty vendettas, often fueled by his disdain for Jerry, adds a layer of humor to the show's recurring themes. Newman’s love of decadence, despite his relatively humble life as a postman, reveals a desire for a more affluent lifestyle. He perceives Jerry as having the wealth and fame he desires, sparking his hostility towards Jerry. Whether hatching bizarre schemes or simply delivering mail with an air of malevolence, Newman's presence brings a consistent and entertaining dynamic to "Seinfeld," making him an iconic antagonist in the world of sitcoms.

George Steinbrenner: George Steinbrenner, though never physically seen on screen in "Seinfeld," is a recurring character, voiced by Larry David and portrayed as the eccentric and imposing owner of the New York Yankees. Known for his authoritarian management style, booming voice, and unpredictable behavior, Steinbrenner becomes a source of both dread and amusement for George Costanza, who works for the Yankees. The character is a caricature of the real-life George Steinbrenner, known for his hands-on approach to team management. In the show, Steinbrenner's decisions, often delivered in a hilariously exaggerated manner, create both comedic chaos and unexpected plot twists. His impulsive decision-making and oversized ego would make him a difficult boss for anyone, let alone George, who is obsessed with finding ways of avoiding any work. Holding a larger-than-life presence, both in the world of baseball and within the Seinfeld universe, Steinbrenner adds a distinctive flavor to the sitcom's satirical take on the New York of the 90s.

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Seinfeld Character Test

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