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Sex Education Test

Which ‘Sex Education’ character are you?

Which character from the TV series ‘Sex Education’ are you similar to? For each of the following questions, indicate how well it describes you below.

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I'm known for giving valued advice to others.



The IDRlabs Sex Education Character Test was developed by IDRlabs.

The test features the following characters:

Otis is a socially awkward and intellectually gifted teenager whose life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers his unique talent for providing guidance and advice on intimate matters. This newfound skill, which he inherits from his mother, Dr. Jean Milburn, leads him to venture into a remarkable journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Otis's character is marked by his intelligence, introspection, and empathy. Despite grappling with his own insecurities and social awkwardness, he possesses a remarkable ability to understand the emotional struggles of his peers. This sets the stage for his role as an unofficial counselor, offering guidance and support to those around him. He embarks on a mission to help fellow students navigate the complexities of intimate relationships. His journey is one of self-acceptance and the discovery of his own unique voice, which resonates with viewers who appreciate his vulnerability and the authentic portrayal of teenage struggles.

Maeve is a fiercely independent, intelligent, and complex teenager, marked by her resilience and determination. Growing up in challenging circumstances, she is resourceful and self-reliant, which sets her apart from many of her peers at Moordale Secondary School. Her sharp wit and no-nonsense attitude make her both relatable and admirable. One of the most defining aspects of Maeve's character is her academic prowess. She possesses a keen intellect and excels academically despite facing obstacles in her personal life. Her intelligence is one of the reasons she becomes a key collaborator with Otis Milburn in their unofficial sex therapy clinic, and their partnership forms the heart of the series. Her character's resilience and ability to bounce back from adversity are a testament to her strength and tenacity. Maeve Wiley's character resonates with viewers who appreciate her authenticity, intelligence, and the depth of her emotions.

Eric is an openly gay and flamboyant teenager who brings vibrancy and authenticity to the show's ensemble cast. Eric's character is defined by his unapologetic individuality and unwavering self-confidence. He is proud of his Nigerian heritage and never shies away from expressing himself through his unique fashion choices and outgoing personality. Eric's character challenges stereotypes and serves as a positive representation of LGBTQ+ youth. Eric's character journey is marked by his experiences as a gay teenager navigating issues of identity, acceptance, and love. He faces both the joys and challenges of coming out to his friends and family, and his story resonates with viewers who can relate to the complexities of LGBTQ+ experiences. Throughout the series, Eric's character is known for his quick wit, humor, and memorable one-liners. His unapologetic embracing of his identity, along with his warm-hearted nature and unwavering support for his friends, makes him a fan favorite.

Aimee is a bright, popular, and compassionate high school student who initially appears to have it all together. At the outset of the series, Aimee's character embodies the stereotypical high school "it girl" persona. She's part of the popular crowd, dating the handsome jock, and seemingly living the teenage dream. However, her character undergoes significant development as the series progresses, revealing a multifaceted personality and significant inner struggles. Her character's journey resonates with viewers who appreciate the realistic depiction of the teenage experience, including the pressures of popularity, personal growth, and the complexities of friendship. Aimee Gibbs is a character who defies stereotypes and evolves in remarkable ways throughout "Sex Education." Her journey serves as a reminder that everyone faces struggles, and her resilience and ability to embrace vulnerability make her a relatable and admirable figure in the series.

Jackson is a high-achieving student and talented swimmer at Moordale Secondary School, and his character's journey is a central focus in the series. Jackson's character is defined by his athletic prowess and the pressures that come with being a star athlete. He is the swim team captain and carries the weight of high expectations, both from his family and the school community. His character grapples with the burden of living up to the achievements of his older brothers, who were also successful athletes. One of the key aspects of Jackson's character is his evolving relationship with Maeve Wiley, played by Emma Mackey. Their on-again, off-again romance is a central narrative thread that explores the complexities of teenage relationships and the challenges of balancing personal goals with matters of the heart. Jackson's character also undergoes significant development as he begins to question his own aspirations and the pressures placed on him. His character's journey delves into themes of identity, authenticity, and the pursuit of one's passions. Throughout the series, Jackson's character is known for his determination and sense of responsibility, both as a student and an athlete. His character's development highlights the importance of individuality and the courage to make choices that align with one's true desires. In "Sex Education," Jackson Marchetti is a symbol of personal growth, self-discovery, and the courage to chart one's own path in the face of external expectations.

Adam is the son of the strict and authoritarian headmaster, Mr. Groff. When introduced, Adam is depicted as a stereotypical school bully and disciplinary enforcer, often emulating his father's harsh and rigid approach to discipline. However, beneath his tough exterior, Adam grapples with profound emotional turmoil, particularly related to his sexuality and his tumultuous relationship with his father. Throughout the series, he grapples with his attraction to other males and the difficulties of reconciling his true self with societal and familial expectations. His character's journey is a poignant exploration of the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in conservative and repressive environments. He embarks on a path of self-discovery and personal growth, seeking acceptance, love, and the courage to break free from the constraints of his upbringing. His character's transformation is marked by vulnerability, empathy, and a deep desire for authenticity. His character resonates with viewers who appreciate the exploration of the complexities of identity, self-acceptance, and the impact of family dynamics on personal growth.

Ola is introduced as a new student at Moordale Secondary School, and she quickly becomes an integral part of the show's ensemble cast. Ola's character is marked by her independent spirit, intelligence, and strong sense of self. She is unapologetically herself, embracing her individuality and interests. Her character is a positive representation of LGBTQ+ youth, as she openly identifies as pansexual and engages in a same-sex relationship during the series. One of the defining aspects of Ola's character is her active involvement in the school's LGBTQ+ community. She is a member of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) club, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and representation at Moordale. Her character's journey explores themes of identity, acceptance, and the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals. Throughout the series, Ola is known for her compassionate and empathetic nature. She often provides a source of support and understanding for her friends, contributing to the tight-knit group dynamic. Ola Nyman is a compelling and authentic character whose presence enriches "Sex Education." Her portrayal as a confident and open LGBTQ+ individual resonates with viewers who appreciate her unwavering commitment to being true to herself and advocating for rights and representation.

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Sex Education Test

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