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Sneaky Mater Test

In the 1970s, renowned British evolutionary biologist and geneticist J. Maynard Smith suggested that some species engage in what he called the Sneaky Mating Strategy. Sneaky Mating refers to a strategy where less dominant members of the species discreetly seek out mates by bypassing direct competition with stronger rivals. Based on Smith’s research, this test will determine whether you are likely to engage in sneaky mating.

Are you a sneaky mater? For each of the following statements, indicate how well it describes you below.

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I tend to make decisions impulsively when under pressure.



The IDRLabs Sneaky Mater Test is inspired by research in evolutionary biology and mating strategies.

The test provides feedback such as the following:

Sneaky Mating Strategy: The "sneaky mater" strategy in evolutionary biology describes how some subordinate males discreetly mate with females, circumventing direct confrontations with dominant males. This strategy is technically termed kleptogamy, derived from the Greek words "klepto" (to steal) and "gamos" (marriage). It involves males who are not at the top of the hierarchy attempting to mate with females through deceptive behavior. This alternative tactic ensures genetic diversity and survival, highlighting nature's complex and often underhanded ways of achieving reproductive success in competitive environments. These traits showcase indirect, subtle, and often clever approaches to social interaction, competition, and problem-solving. While the term originates from evolutionary biology and is not a formal psychological concept, these traits could be seen as reflecting a similar strategy in human behavior: achieving goals through non-confrontational, strategic, and sometimes covert means.

Strategic Problem Solving: Denotes the ability to approach challenges and obstacles with a plan that involves indirect, clever, and often unconventional methods. It refers to thinking several steps ahead, anticipating potential outcomes, and devising a course of action that may not be immediately obvious to others. In the context of the "sneaky fucker" strategy, this trait contributes by allowing individuals to bypass direct confrontations or competitions, instead finding alternative pathways to success. It’s about leveraging intelligence and foresight over brute force, effectively navigating complex situations in a way that maximizes personal advantage while minimizing risks or conflicts.

Adaptive Communication: Denotes a person's ability to adjust their communication style to effectively interact with different people in various social settings. This trait involves being attuned to the nuances of conversation, understanding others' perspectives, and modifying one's approach to communication as needed. In the context of the "sneaky fucker" strategy, Adaptive Communication contributes by allowing an individual to navigate social situations more subtly and effectively, often facilitating the achievement of personal goals without direct confrontation or conflict. This can be especially advantageous in complex social dynamics where direct approaches may not be effective or welcomed.

Tactical Patience: Denotes the ability to wait for the opportune moment to act instead of impulsively reacting to immediate circumstances. It refers to the strategic timing of actions to maximize benefits or outcomes. In the context of the "sneaky fucker" strategy, this trait contributes significantly as it involves biding one's time and waiting for the right moment to achieve a goal, especially in competitive or challenging situations. This could mean waiting for competitors to reveal their weaknesses or for the ideal moment to make a move that is less confrontational but equally effective. It's a subtle yet strategic approach to achieving objectives.

Analytical Observation: Denotes a trait where an individual keenly observes and analyzes the nuances of social dynamics and interpersonal interactions. It refers to the ability to perceive underlying motives, power structures, and subtleties in behavior that are not immediately obvious. This trait contributes to the "sneaky fucker" strategy by allowing individuals to navigate complex social environments subtly and strategically, identifying opportunities and threats that are not apparent to others. It involves understanding the bigger picture while also paying attention to the finer details, aiding in making informed, strategic decisions in various situations.

Pragmatic Flexibility: Denotes an individual's ability to adapt their methods and approaches to fit the current situation or environment. It refers to the capacity to adjust one's goals, strategies, or actions in response to changing circumstances, particularly when the initial plan is no longer viable or effective. In the context of the "sneaky fucker" strategy, this trait contributes by allowing an individual to subtly navigate social and competitive environments, shifting tactics as needed to achieve their objectives without direct confrontation or attracting undue attention.

Covert Dominance: Denotes a behavioral trait where an individual exerts influence or control in subtle, often indirect ways. This trait involves influencing outcomes and directing situations behind the scenes, without overt displays of power or authority. It refers to a method of asserting dominance by maneuvering strategically rather than through direct or forceful means. In the context of the "sneaky fucker" strategy, this trait contributes by allowing individuals to achieve their goals and establish their presence in social or professional circles without attracting direct competition or confrontation. It's a form of influence that operates under the radar but is effective in guiding outcomes according to one's desires.

Manipulative charm: Denotes a behavioral trait where an individual uses their charisma and allure to influence or sway others for personal gain. It refers to the ability to engage others through appealing and persuasive interpersonal skills, often masking underlying self-serving motives. This trait can contribute to the "sneaky fucker" strategy by enabling individuals to subtly guide situations and relationships in their favor, bypassing more overt or direct forms of competition or confrontation. By charming their way through social dynamics, these individuals can achieve their goals without drawing suspicion or resistance.

Disguised Aggression: Denotes a behavioral trait where an individual expresses aggressive tendencies in indirect, subtle, or covert ways rather than through overt aggression or confrontation. It refers to the use of non-direct means to express hostility or assert dominance, such as through sarcasm, backhanded compliments, or passive resistance. In the context of the "sneaky fucker" strategy, this trait contributes by allowing individuals to advance their interests or assert their influence without engaging in open conflict, thereby navigating social or competitive situations more cunningly and less conspicuously.

Machiavellian Ambition: Denotes a personality trait characterized by a strategic and often unscrupulous approach to achieving one's goals. It refers to the use of cunning, deception, and exploitation in social and professional interactions to gain power, status, or other personal benefits. Individuals with high Machiavellian Ambition may prioritize their own success over ethical considerations and are adept at manipulating situations and people to their advantage. This trait contributes to the "sneaky fucker" strategy by embodying the use of indirect, covert tactics to outmaneuver competition and secure advantages, often bypassing conventional or straightforward methods.

Emotional Detachment: Denotes a psychological state where an individual maintains a significant distance from their own emotions as well as the emotions of others. This trait refers to the ability or tendency to not get emotionally involved in situations or with people. In the context of the 'sneaky fucker' strategy, emotional detachment contributes by allowing an individual to navigate complex social dynamics or competitive scenarios without being hindered or influenced by emotional connections or reactions. This can be advantageous in strategic maneuvering or in situations where emotional neutrality provides a competitive edge.

The Sneaky Mater Test is inspired by evolutionary biology and research into mating strategies. While the Sneaky Mater Test is inspired by scientific research, it cannot be used to provide clinical assessments or an accurate evaluation of your personality. Clinical assessments should always be done in cooperation with a mental health professional. For more information about any of our online tests and quizzes, please consult our Terms of Service.

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