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Murderous Villain Test

You are here because one of your friends linked you to his or her Villain Test result.

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Your friend is the most like:

Heinrich Himmler

Heinrich Himmler
Minister of the Interior in Nazi Germany
"I shall not accept people whom I expect to quit, to complain, to become disloyal and traitors, to have bad soldierly manners and the like."

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Personality Match

Like Heinrich Himmler, you are loyal, orderly, and strive to please your friends and superiors. Your attention to detail and the responsibility with which you approach your work are assets in any endeavor. However, every once in a while you would do well to zoom out and evaluate the big picture. Are you working smarter, not harder, and are your efforts pulling in the right direction?

Words of Warning

Points to consider for people with your personality - have you ever:

  • Been so concerned with loyalty - to your superiors as well as the loyalty of your subordinates - that it ended up crowding out all other values?
  • Been so concerned with the safety of someone close to you that you ended up acting in an over-controlling manner towards them, even though it came from a place of love?
  • Applied such high standards and persistence in your own work that you ended up acting as a guilt-inducing presence in the eyes of coworkers who could not match your diligence?
  • Applied your capacity for rational planning to optimize and improve on another's affairs without having obtained their permission or consent?
  • Allowed your kindhearted faith in the good of humanity to get the better of you, trusting in the noble intentions of others where they really had none?

Scientific Research

According to studies from Cambridge University (UK) and Texas AM University (US), your scores indicate that you are:

  • More likely than the average person to judge people by their actions, rather than by their words.
  • More likely than the average person to cut straight to the chase when talking.
  • More likely than the average person to simply look at the bottom line as opposed to pondering a lot of qualifications and maybes.
  • More deliberate and thorough in your actions than the average person.
  • Someone who is more reserved in social situations than the average person.
  • Someone who has an easier time concentrating for long periods of time than the average person.
  • Someone who likes to take more time to size people up and get to know them before you open up than the average person.
  • More planful, organized, and goal-oriented than the average person.
  • Likely to have had a higher grade point average in school than the average person.
  • Less likely than the average person to ever have cheated on your homework, exams, or a loved one.
  • More likely than the average person to leave an orderly room when you go to work in the morning.
  • More preoccupied with the give and take of social relations than the average person; someone who spends much time pondering the impressions that people make on one another and their feelings and views.
  • Likely to change moods more frequently than the average person and to tense up when subjected to stress.
  • More alert to threats and stressors in your environment than the average person, knowing that you must take care of yourself to maintain your balance and cool.
  • Likely to be worse at performing under pressure than the average person, being someone who needs their space in order to operate at their best.
  • Amazingly, your personality is simply too smooth and well-rounded for this study to be able to say anything about you.

Historical Background

Heinrich Himmler (1900-1945) was Reichsfuehrer of the SS, a leading member of the Nazi Party and a military commander in Nazi Germany. In 1923, he became a member of the Nazi Party and in 1925 he joined the SS. Hitler appointed Himmler as Reichsfuehrer of the SS in 1929. He was an incredibly powerful figure in Nazi Germany and among the Nazi high command, and he had one of the most direct roles in the Holocaust. Within sixteen years, Himmler transformed the SS from a 300-man outfit to a military organization that created and administered the Final Solution.

Starting in 1943, Himmler was the Minister of the Interior and Chief of the German Police which gave him oversight of all police and security forces, as well as the Gestapo. In 1945, he was removed from his post for attempting to open peace talks with the allies and failing a military campaign. He went into hiding and was quickly discovered by British forces. While in their custody he committed suicide.

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