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Murderous Villain Test

You are here because one of your friends linked you to his or her Villain Test result.

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Your friend is the most like:

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin
President of Russia
"One should never fear threats. It's like with a dog. A dog senses when somebody is afraid of it, and bites. The same applies [with humans]. If you become jittery, they will think that they are stronger."

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Personality Match

Like Vladimir Putin, you always keep your cool, even under circumstances that would cause others to break out a sweat. Normally you keep a low profile, but when an opportunity arises, you decisively spring into action, catching others off-guard and making the most of the opening presented to you. Take care to reign in the smartassery, though, or risk antagonizing others to the point of provoking massive retaliation.

Words of Warning

Points to consider for people with your personality - have you ever:

  • Used your hard-headedness and social reticence to 'psych people out' and intimidate them into not voicing legitimate criticisms of you?
  • Regarded other people as oversensitive crybabies, simply because they were not as 'hard-boiled' as you?
  • Seized an opportunity so fully as it arose, guns blazing, that you found yourself unable to account for the long-term consequences of your initial audacity?
  • Held back vital information from allies and teammates because you did not see the point of sharing and you thought you could handle everything yourself?
  • Abandoned a course of action just as it was about to bear fruit because you felt tied down and wanted to be free to adapt?

Scientific Research

According to studies from Cambridge University (UK) and Texas AM University (US), your scores indicate that you are:

  • More likely than the average person to judge people by their actions, rather than by their words.
  • More likely than the average person to cut straight to the chase when talking.
  • More likely than the average person to simply look at the bottom line as opposed to pondering a lot of qualifications and maybes.
  • More deliberate and thorough in your actions than the average person.
  • Someone who is more reserved in social situations than the average person.
  • Someone who has an easier time concentrating for long periods of time than the average person.
  • Someone who likes to take more time to size people up and get to know them before you open up than the average person.
  • More critical, cold-headed, and detached than the average person.
  • More suspicious of the motives of others than the average person and quicker to detect a lie or an attempt to manipulate you than the average person.
  • More at ease with making cynical and tough decisions than the average person.
  • More likely than the average person to be barbed and acerbic with people who irritate you.
  • Less preoccupied than the average person with how you are perceived in the eyes of others.
  • More psychologically robust and better at absorbing shocks and setbacks than the average person.
  • Less worried about stressors and threats in your environment than the average person; not being one to be easily irritated or upset.
  • Someone who performs better under pressure than the average person.
  • Amazingly, your personality is simply too smooth and well-rounded for this study to be able to say anything about you.

Historical Background

Vladimir Putin (1952- ) is the President of Russia. Putin started his career as an officer in the KGB and had risen to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before he entered the political arena in 1991. In 1996, he joined Boris Yeltsin's administration and served as Prime Minister from 1999 to 2000. He was appointed as the acting President following Yeltsin's resignation. He won the presidential election of 2000 and again in 2004.

He was unable to run again in 2008 because of term limits but was appointed as Prime Minister by the new President, Dmitry Medvedev. While serving this stint as Prime Minister he also was the chairman of Russia's ruling party, United Russia. In 2012, he sparked massive protests by running for a non-consecutive third term as President, which he won. Term limits were changed to six years, so he will be President of Russia until at least 2018. His recent annexation of Crimea has currently caused Russia to be removed from the G8. His strongman stance has curried much disfavor abroad, although in Russia he is viewed by many as a cultural icon.

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