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White Fragility Test

How much do you agree with Robin DiAngelo and the claims in her book White Fragility?

In the Summer of 2020, the American lecturer Robin DiAngelo’s book White Fragility became the number one best-selling book on Amazon, ahead of even The Hunger Games. DiAngelo’s way of viewing race relations has variously been hailed as a powerful road-map for fighting racism and criticized as a catch-22 that makes it impossible for people to disagree with her claims.

This test tries to remain impartial by giving people a neutral and objective way to determine whether they agree with DiAngelo.

How much do you agree with DiAngelo and the claims she makes in White Fragility? For each of the following statements, indicate your level of agreement below.

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People who oppose sensitivity and diversity training are complicit in perpetuating oppression.



The IDRlabs White Fragility Test (IDR-WFT) was developed by IDRlabs. The book is based on the public statements of Robin DiAngelo, the claims in her book White Fragility, and the major media coverage of, and interviews with, Robin DiAngelo and White Fragility.

The test was developed on the basis of the following sources: DiAngelo, Robin (2018): White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism. Beacon Press. Iqbal, Nosheen (2019): Academic Robin DiAngelo: 'We have to stop thinking about racism as someone who says the N-word.' The Guardian. Shapiro, Ari (2020): 'Interrupt The Systems': Robin DiAngelo On 'White Fragility' And Anti-Racism. NPR. Valk and Malley (2019): What’s My Complicity? Talking White Fragility With Robin DiAngelo. Teaching Tolerance.

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Why Use This Test?

1. Free. This online White Fragility Test is delivered to you free of charge and will allow you to ascertain the extent to which you agree with Robin DiAngelo and the claims in her book, White Fragility. The test is based on statements that have been published by DiAngelo and quotes from interviews with her.

2. First of Its Kind. The test on this page is the first of its kind to attempt to quantify a person’s overall level of agreement with the statements of Robin DiAngelo and the claims in her book White Fragility. It attempts to be neutral and provide an impartial presentation of DiAngelo’s opinions, along with your degree of agreement with them.

3. Statistical controls. Test scores are logged into an anonymized database. Statistical analysis of the test is conducted to ensure maximum accuracy and validity of the test scores.

4. Made by professionals. The authors of this free online White Fragility test are certified in the use of various personality tests and have worked professionally with polling, politics, and personality testing.