Comparison: INTP vs. INTJ

An infographic comparing Dawkins (INTP) to Hitchens (INTJ) and their respective takes on atheism. Some people think we’ve been too hard on Hitchens, but we were aiming for a purely descriptive portrayal of their differences. And at least one of the authors says that he personally enjoyed Hitchens’ book more.



  1. I’m an INTJ, and before I would write a book attempting to persuade the masses that the existence of God is implausible, I would first research the subtle principles of persuasion (while trying to stay intellectually honest) as it’s pointless and wasteful if your target audience will otherwise only experience cognitive dissonance without changing their beliefs. I would first test my book on test subjects and only if it’s reasonably effective at fulfilling it’s purpose may I indulge a little in inflating my ego.

  2. How do Hitchen’s lashing criticisms of religion differ from that of Bill Maher or even George Carlin(type?)? I note depth over breadth, but the delivery is just as antagonistic. Of course there is no lack of anti-religion in the Ni/Fe camp!

  3. Jungsung, I believe both Maher and Carlin are ENTPs, (much like myself). As extroverts we are far better at articulating our ideas in an ironic, comedic and less factual orientated fashion. Its about wit and humor. Indeed, wit is very much present in Hitchens and to a far lesser extent Dawkins, but both would tend to sound more academic and appeal to its audience via intellectual contemplation.

    Maher and Carlin however points out the laughable positions of religion, and ones that are not commonly seen that way. It is our Extraverted Intuition as a dominant perceiving function that is different.

    Dawkins is a thinker first and Intuitive second; Hitchens the opposite. So the former tends to rely more on abstraction, the latter more on direct experience. Its just the way our brain works.

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