ENTJ vs. INFJ – Aristotle and Plato compared

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  1. Plato was very wold-denying. He was a millionaire but didn’t care much for luxuries. If he was impressed with the ideas of smart people, he’d spend his own money entertaining them. (Aristotle, though also a millionaire, not so much.)

    Aristotle’s interests were not in pure ideas. He was an empiricist and he viewed concepts and theories as subordinate to actual reality. Aristotle also had an interest in accumulation of luxuries and cathalogs of fixed knowledge, pointing to a Judging function dominating.

    Aristotle wanted certain knowledge, and then to close the door. Plato also wanted certain knowledge, but he kept wanting to expand and build on top of that. His goals were too gdam huge. (Because they were driven by Ni, not Fe.)

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