Presidential Personality

Presidential Personality


  1. Going through Rubenzer’s work I found that Woodrow Wilson and John Adam showed very similar scores all across the board and Wilson’s agreeableness is pretty low. I take that there is some correlation between Big Five and MBTI so I wanted to inquire how do these scores translate into Jungian types. ON CT Wilson is typed an INFJ and Adams an INTJ. Wouldn’t INFJs stereotypically be more agreeable than what Wilson is. I am in agreement with your typings but just wanted to know your take on their Big 5 similarities.

  2. Actually, we’re double checking WW these days on account of that data and someone who wrote us an email on the topic. So we’ll see :)
    But in general, it’s not a perfect correlation. Many NTPs are very easygoing and get high A score on the Big Five, for example.

  3. Okay so Big 5 agreeableness doesn’t correlate with F types per say… I still believe WW is an INFJ however I hoped to see why one can be an INFJ despite low A score. Perhaps an infographic showing the extent of the correlation and the lack of it e.g in WW’s case

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