Jimmy Wales Scored Both ESTP and ENFJ on Jungian Type Tests

Normally when we feature a celebrity’s test scores on a Jungian type test, we only list the first result that the celebrity in question received. However, the case of Jimmy Wales is an ambiguous one, as he claims to have scored both ESTP and ENFJ on such tests.

At any rate, the claims in question are provided as follows:




  1. These tests are quite unreliable, both because translating a type into a series of yes/no or graded questions is both difficult and the fact that most people don’t even come close to answering the questions truthfully. Combine that with a high amount of interpretation involved in how people look at the questions and a variability in how people answer them depending on their current mood or state of mind and you get something that can never achieve a 100% reliability.

    Also some of the tests are just plain bad, there is one where a question is something in the line of “Do you get emotionally invested when watching soap operas?” Even most EFJs would probably say no there and that one is fishing for Fe.

    Then there is the fact that a lot of people answer the questions not based on who they are, but who they aspire to be. The reason why so many INFPs test as INFJs who they often admire.

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