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Your friend's strongest result was Type 5.

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Type 5: Analyzer-Thinker

Fives value insightful observations and ideas. They are driven by the motivational need to know and understand things in depth. They strive for objectivity and their thoughtfulness and intellectual acumen can frequently shed light on things that leave others puzzled. At their best, Fives are visionary and fair-minded, offering in-depth analyses and comprehension, and seen by others as genuine intellectuals. On the other hand, less well-developed Fives may also be seen as disinterested, as they withdraw into their own thoughts and remain aloof from the events around them. Overall, Fives possess great powers of comprehension and analysis. They have the ability to attain intellectual mastery over whatever interests them, and tend to become genuine experts in the fields of their choosing. In this way, they bring in-depth analysis and insightful observations that enable themselves and others to see the world in a clear and discerning light.


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