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Family Guy Test

Which Family Guy character are you?

The whacky world of Family Guy is full of zany and lovable characters that turn a normal suburban American household into a fountain of constant hilarity. This test will determine whether you have anything in common with the characters from the show.

Which Family Guy character are you? For each of the following questions, indicate how well it resonates with you below.

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I am usually the butt of everyone’s jokes.



The IDRLabs Family Guy Test is inspired by psychometric methodology and based on research into the characters in the Family Guy.

The test provides feedback such as the following:

Peter Griffin: Peter Griffin, the dim-witted, opinionated, and oddly loveable protagonist of Family Guy, represents the American everyman in the eyes of Seth MacFarlane. The quintessential example of an animated ‘sitcom dad’, Peter is seen to both willfully ignore, demean, and ridicule his family, yet he also shows them that he loves them by pulling through and supporting them when it matters. Known for his portly physique and distinctive laugh, Peter’s lack of intelligence and impulsive nature often lead him into comical and outlandish predicaments. Shown to be a blue-collar worker, Peter is able to get along with all members of society despite an inability to take social clues, which often leads him to embarrass himself – something he is usually completely oblivious to. His naive way of viewing the world makes him seem like a kid living in an adult’s body, and by this, he forms the heart of Family Guy’s irreverent comedic style.

Lois Griffin: Lois Griffin, the loyal, sarcastic, long-suffering wife of Peter Griffin, is the matriarch of the family and the voice of reason amidst the rest of the family’s whacky, ambitious plans. Quietly intelligent, thoughtful, and responsible, Lois has eschewed her mysterious past to settle down with the man she loves. Lois is an intelligent, nurturing mother, though her relationship with her evil, genocidal baby Stewie tests her loving nature to the breaking point. Despite her choice to give up her wild lifestyle and raise a family, she still has an adventurous side and often ends up joining the other characters on their quests and hijinks. Her job as a piano teacher hints at an artistic side and an intelligence quite unlike most of the members of her family. Lois’s sarcastic quips and surprising secrets are an essential part of Family Guy’s comedic world.

Stewie Griffin: Stewie Griffin, the maniacal, hyper-intelligent youngest member of the Griffin family, is the precociously smart, villainous baby who’s always plotting, scheming, and doing up to no good. His unexplained British accent and taste for the finer things in life show an eye for sophistication and class that belies his age. Stewie’s designs on world domination and various plots to kill his mother Lois reveal an inner evil that stems from a disdain for his family and their uncultured lifestyles. Stewie’s caustic sarcastic quips indicate adult sophistication, whilst his effeminate, slightly camp mannerisms hint at the sensuality that his character is too young to manifest in completion. Stewie’s friendship with the family dog Brian contains an underlying competitiveness and occasionally brutal predilection for violence, but ultimately, the way his ambitious evil plans collide with Brian’s logical, sarcastic comments helps create two of the show’s most beloved characters.

Brian Griffin: Brian Griffin, the Griffin family’s beloved anthropomorphic dog, is Stewie’s best friend, Peter’s loyal companion, and Lois’s confidant. Brian has great ambitions of becoming a celebrated writer, believes in various social justice causes, and thinks of himself as superior to many of the other characters, even though in reality he mainly stays at home and drinks or smokes weed. Brian often gives the voice of the viewer, offering logical advice and wise-cracking jokes about the other characters’ crazy plans. Though Brian mostly displays human characteristics, he sometimes slips into canine behaviors, such as barking and an inability to resist fetching tennis balls. Brian’s unfortunate lack of success in romantic relationships and failure to ever truly be human could have made him a tragic figure, but his strong relationships with all the other characters make him a fan favorite on the show.

Meg Griffin: Meg Griffin, the socially awkward, unpopular teenage daughter of the Griffin family, is always the butt of everyone’s jokes. The subject of relentless mockery at home and at school, Meg is Family Guy’s flogging horse – often providing other characters with a subject for the show’s unique brand of insult comedy. The cruelty displayed towards her, which includes calling her ugly, making fun of her lack of romantic success, and completely ignoring her, is so absurdly harsh that it becomes surreal. However, Meg does have moments of asserting herself in the show, rebelling against her family and normative society as she navigates the challenges of adolescence. Despite her struggles, Meg occupies an important role in the family dynamic and represents an important pillar of the Family Guy universe.

Chris Griffin: Chris Griffin, the dim-witted, overweight middle child in the Griffin family, seems to breeze blissfully through his life due to a lack of awareness of what’s going on around him. Clumsy, simple, and awkward, Chris displays a genuine innocence that distinguishes him from the more cynical characters in the show. His distinctively nasal, high-pitched voice indicates his ongoing battle with puberty – a battle he is losing. Despite his lack of popularity at school, Chris is happy because he is easily amused by simple pleasures. Despite his challenges, Chris maintains a good-natured and optimistic personality, negotiating the complexities of adolescence with a blend of humor and relatability. His relationships with his family members, particularly his close bond with his dog, Brian, make him an important part of the family and the show.

Glenn Quagmire: Glenn Quagmire, Peter’s friend and neighborhood pervert, is known for his comically freakish obsession with women. His uncontrollable libido often leads him into compromising and hilarious positions, whilst his fixation on finding innuendos and double entendres allows him to turn every situation into a sex joke. Quagmire’s catchphrase “Giggity giggity goo” shows him up as a rather pathetic sexual deviant, but he often provides comic relief during serious situations in the show. His ongoing feud with Brian – which stems from his belief that Brian is a liberal layabout who scrounges off the Griffin family and doesn’t act on his principles – may have come from his time in the Navy, where he developed a belief that people should work hard and obey the laws of society. Despite his frequent, morally reprehensible behavior, Quagmire is a beloved and hilarious character on the show.

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Family Guy Test

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