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Friends Test

Which Friends character are you?

The world of Friends is full of eccentric, lovable characters who constantly get into hilarious hijinks. This test will determine whether you have anything in common with the characters from the show.

Which Friends character are you? For each of the following questions, indicate how well it resonates with you below.

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Animals are as valuable as people.



The IDRLabs Friends Test is inspired by psychometric methodology and based on research into the characters in Friends.

The test provides feedback such as the following:

Ross Geller, the charismatic and buffoonish main character of the show, is a highly intelligent and academically accomplished paleontologist with a quirky and nerdy demeanor. Despite his intelligence, his tendency to overthink situations often leads to hilarious misunderstandings where he is left looking foolish. A childlike love for dinosaurs forms the basis of a successful career, demonstrating Ross’s ability to pursue the things he loves with passion and materialize the things he wants through a sheer sense of will. Despite his intellectual prowess, Ross grapples with romantic complexities, showcasing a romantic and idealistic side that often leads to humorous and tumultuous relationships. Ross is family-oriented, displaying a caring and responsible nature, particularly in his relationships with his sister Monica and son Ben. His ability to overcome romantic, professional, and interpersonal challenges shows that he possesses diligence and an infectious positivity about life. Ross’s unique blend of intelligence, humor, and romantic idealism makes him a memorable and beloved character in the realm of sitcoms.

Rachel Green is one half of maybe the most iconic love story in sitcom history and is a stylish and ambitious woman who eschews her wealthy upbringing to become a strong and independent character. Initially introduced as a privileged and somewhat spoiled individual from a wealthy background, Rachel grows out of her youthful, bratty persona and establishes herself in the fashion industry. Her keen sense of style indicates a fragility and insecurity about how the world views her, which she combats by wearing fashionable clothes and maintaining a removed, detached attitude when she works as a waitress. Rachel’s strong moral code is one of her enduring qualities, as she exhibits rigidity in sticking to her principles and a compassionate, caring nature towards her friends. Her romantic relationships, characterized most notably by her on-and-off relationship with Ross Geller, indicate an enduring way of loving and loyalty to Ross, despite a plethora of reasons not to get back together with him. Her relatable struggles, combined with her humor and earnest warm-heartedness, contribute to Rachel Green's enduring popularity as a beloved character in the world of sitcoms.

Chandler Bing, loyal best friend of Ross and eventual husband of Monica Geller, is known for his quick wit, sarcastic sense of humor, and endearing awkwardness. His never-ending supply of sharp comedic jibes is often used as a defense mechanism to deflect attention away from his own insecurities. Throughout the show, Chandler grapples with commitment issues and a lack of certainty about the direction of his career and personal life, providing a relatable and human dimension to his character. He repeatedly goes back to exes whom he doesn’t like because he lacks the self-respect to move on and stays in a boring, dead-end job because he lacks the courage to try something new. Chandler and Joey’s relationship brings up jealousies for Chandler, who envies Joey’s success with women and laissez-faire way of living life, but they ultimately care more about their enduring friendship than any of these issues. His eventual relationship with Monica allows him to overcome his commitment issues and settle into a happier, more secure part of his life. Chandler’s iconically ironic, witty persona makes him a beloved and memorable character in the world of sitcoms.

Monica Geller, sister of Ross Geller and loyal best friend of Rachel Green, is an energetic, loud, aspiring chef with a passion for meticulous organization and a strong competitive spirit. Monica’s slightly compulsive obsession with keeping all things neat and tidy seems to derive from her childhood, where her struggle with weight instated a need to control things in her life rigidly. Her relationship with food also sparked her career as a professional chef, where she is able to celebrate her love of food in a different and more cerebral way. Monica adopts a motherly role in the group, often feeding the less mature men who live next door and offering a voice of caution and reason when the others are getting carried away. Her intensely competitive sibling rivalry with Ross Geller spills into other aspects of her life as she is constantly trying to stand out and “win” at even the most minor tasks. This drive to be the best manifests as perfectionism, which shows itself in the very specific, strict ways Monica likes things to be done. Her loyalty to her friends, energetic enthusiasm, and emotional depth make Monica Geller a dynamic and beloved presence in the iconic sitcom.

Joey Tribbiani is the quintessential lovable goofball with a heart of gold. Aspiring actor, loyal friend, and unapologetic womanizer, Joey's charm lies in his genuine innocence and unwavering simplicity. Joey acts like a kid in an adult’s body, naively drifting through the complexities of young adulthood, constantly in search of delicious food and fun times with his friends. His ill-fated pursuit of an acting career showcases his optimism and confidence in himself as he continuously backs his chances despite having little success. Joey's close friendship with Chandler showcases his enduring loyalty and his free-spirited, fun-loving nature. His signature catchphrase, "How you doin'?" encapsulates his confident and straightforward approach to life. Despite the fact that very few of his relationships last, Joey has a lot of romantic relationships, as women appreciate his openness, honesty, and good looks. Despite his struggles to understand the more effort-intense aspects of life, Joey's caring and supportive nature make him an integral and endearing member of the iconic friend group, contributing to the timeless appeal of "Friends."

Phoebe Buffay is a whimsical and free-spirited character whose eccentricity and unique worldview add a delightful, unexpected element to the group of friends. Raised on the streets and having lived an unconventional life, Phoebe's quirky personality is characterized by her offbeat humor, eccentric songs, and spiritual outlook. As a masseuse and musician, Phoebe brings creativity and an unconventional charm to the show. Despite her mysterious and troubled past, Phoebe maintains an optimistic and carefree demeanor, often providing an unexpected perspective on life's challenges. Whilst she sometimes seems to have her head in the clouds a lot of the time, she is always ready to be there for her friends when they need her support. In the form of Monica, Rachel, Ross, Chandler, and Joey, she finds a new, chosen family with whom she can showcase her compassion and loyalty. Phoebe's blend of weird charm, unconventional wisdom, and genuine warmth make her a beloved and memorable character in the ensemble cast of "Friends."

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Friends Test

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