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Brie Larson

Brie Larson Quotes

Quotes by and about Brie Larson

(Continued from her main entry on the site.)

Larson: "I really believe in the concept of dancing like no one's watching and just giving the most strange, mundane moment of walking from class to your car and making it something sensational."

Larson: "I've always had a headstrong attitude of only doing the things that I really believe in and want to explore. It takes a lot of time and a lot of energy and a lot of focus and dedication to do a film, and it's just not worth it if you're going to be miserable for even a day."

Larson: "I'm really interested in mythology and folklore. I'm interested in moralities, why we're here, faith... all of these bigger questions that I think we can place in films that allow us to question and give us a safe place to feel. Those types of questions can pop up in all sorts of different types of films - drama, comedy, action movie. The actual allegory of it can change, but at the root of it is always something deeper than just what's on the surface."

Larson: "I'm just interested in all of the different ways that a woman can be. We don't have enough, when it comes to American film, that shows all of the different complexities and ways that a woman is interesting and mysterious and dynamic and really complicated. Growing up, I had a deep fascination with foreign films because it was much more raw and exposing and sometimes jarring in the way that human beings were portraying human beings. It wasn't always enjoyable to watch. It's been important to me to, in whatever way possible, to bring the truth to cinema and show other women all the different ways that it can be."

Hollywood Reporter: "'I don't think, ultimately, that is going to make me a good artist,' says Larson of her instinct for privacy. 'So I have to continue to find ways to be vulnerable, open and curious and coexist in this world that is changing in front of me.'"

Art Streiber: "The fashion frenzy is ... new for Larson, who says ... [that at first] she was steadfastly against going glam. 'I felt really stubborn, like 'I want my jeans and T-shirts forever and I refuse to wear fancy clothes or heels.'' That changed once she realized her identity could evolve alongside her style. 'As I have had to meet different challenges, I realize I am coming into myself and whatever I'm wearing is another chance for me to explore a new version of myself. ... I watch clothes on other people, and it's like having a conversation before opening your mouth. For me, clothes come from the mind. They represent what's happening inside, and as long as they feel honestly like what I'm thinking about and going toward, I'm happy to bounce around and experience different things.'"

Art Streiber: "At the end of the day, she doesn't overthink [her fashion choices]. 'Really, it's like, there's so many beautiful things to wear, so it ultimately comes down to what I'm feeling and what's appropriate for what I'm doing. The cool thing about designers is they have very specific points of view, and because my inspiration is always changing, it's easy to go, 'This feels right.' But just because I wear fancy dresses on weekends doesn't mean in my heart of hearts I'm not a jeans and T-shirt person.'"

Cristina Erlich: "She's very porous and very open."